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  1. It is all one piece. I replaced mine (03 rancher) and its easy and I think it was around 30.00.
  2. Looking at maybe getting one. Just wondering anyone has one and would like the pros and cons, and how the fuel mileage is empty vs. towing. Looks like I can get one for the same price as a half ton express models. I like the crew and bigger box is why i'm leaning towards 2500 and I have a camper to pull that weighs 5000 lbs. I know I can pull my camper with a half ton ( i have 04 half now) but would rather be a little on the better side of the tow ratio and if I upgrade campers I'm not maxing out the tow. Any thoughts or comments? Price for the half and 3/4 $33,500. For options it has the basic pwr locks windows, back up camera, carpet and chrome package, and tow group. I don't need all the fancy bells and whistles. Thanks,
  3. The best glove I have used is the made by glacier glove, the Alaska river flip mitt. They are fingerless but have the mitts. The are lined with fleece, wind proof, and have a neoprene palm. Having a neoprene palm is the ticket when handling panfish, they really help keeping them dry. I love them for hole hopping. They may not be the warmest but they keep the wind out and thats half the battle. I will put a hand warmer in my palms and that really helps keeping your hands warm. I've only found them on line.
  4. Steve Pomrenke has a place near Royalton, mn. As for the claims bought at the auction I'm not quite sure. If I were a betting man I would say they are mining on other peoples claims who don't the have equipment to mine and pay them a percentage. When thats all mined they would mine their claim. Thats what I would do... If I remember right at the auction the claims they bought were good for 10 years or 50 years.
  5. Last year I hym and hawed about what to get for a light and fast auger so I made my own. I bought a gas powered drill and adapted a 7" lazer hand auger to it. Weight wise it comes in around 16-17lbs. I was very impressed with it last year for how fast it worked and the light weight when I drill a ton of holes. I am guessing I easily drilled over 500 holes with it and on the last day my adapter twisted off. So this year I had a adapter made from solid stainless steel and that should fix that problem. Yes its a two stroke but I'm o.k. with that when the weight is a bigger issue than fumes when drilling a ton of holes walking through snow.
  6. I have a house that is 10 years old like you and had the same issue. Here is what I determined and did.... The back of my house gets full sun from 1:00 til sunset due to no trees in my back yard. I beleive this was a big part of the issue. The houses now days are sealed so tight there is no room to breath causing a hot outside wall (from the sun)with a cool inside basement wall. Making the wall condensate. My basement was also unfinished with the basement door closed most of the time. With the door closed and no duct work (cold air exchange or heat vents) in the basement it limits the air exchange. I went and cut slits in the plastic vapor barrier to allow it to breath, ran a fan, and kept the door opened and it made a difference. I have a walk out with sandy soil and didn't have to worry about the rain and drain tile being the issue because mine has never ran. I finished the basement 5 years ago and the laundry room that I didn't finished I have not seen any condensation occur on the vapor barrier or insulation. I think this happens a lot in newer developements that are built in corn fields. Planting fast growing trees to shade the house is a must in my book. One, trees make a yard look spectacular and second its amazing how the shade it provides can make a difference. I especially noticed the difference in my lawn from having trees (less watering)and it will help with the cooling bill down the road. My trees are just starting to shade the back side of my house once the sun is at the end of its day but any little shade helps. I am no expert by any means and am not a carpenter but I hope this bit of info helps. Lets us all know what you find out and do.
  7. Sorry I have no pics and it is up in my garage rafters stored for the summer. Won't be long and I'll be getting it down and I can take a few pics and post.
  8. I was in this dilema last year on what auger to buy with price and weight and all the hole hopping I do when I fish. I have a 2 hp jiffy that has been bullet proof for the last 18 years and still runs like a champ. After a lot of research I decided to make my own... I bought a 7 inch lazer hand auger and adapted it to a used gas engine I had purchased. Yes it is a two stroke but at 16lbs total weight and I drilled over 300 holes with it last year I think I did all right. I have about $200 invested in this unit and I can't wait to use it again this year. Lightweight is key when your drilling a ton of holes like I do chasing panfish. With my set up I can carry everything in two hands to go fishing and not get tired or have weight being a burden if I have to walk out on the ice. The only weight burden I have is coming off the lake with a bucket full of slabs
  9. Thanks for all the advice everyone. It probaly won't happen til next fall so I can save a few pennies for the project. I will probaly be my own general and I can sub stuff out to that I can't do. Thanks again!!!!!
  10. We are thinking of adding a addition to our home next year and are wondering what the rough costs would be to do this project. We are looking at 14 X 22 upstairs and downstairs. We have a walkout so we don't have to dig for a basement only for footings. It would be a family room upstairs and a bedroom downstairs with a walkout door to our patio. I'm looking for a rough estimate on what it would cost to do this project. I would be contracting out the dirt work, concrete, framing, roof and siding, electric, duct work. The interior I would be doing like sheet rock , paint and trim. If anyone has done anything like this your tips, advice and rough costs would be appreciated. Thanks, Keith
  11. I have a 04 ram 1500 with 66,000 miles on it and I noticed tonight some light green drops (looks like Mnt Dew)of fluid from my tail pipe half way up my exhaust in the snow. I have the pink antifreeze in my engine so I don't think it is a head gasket. Does anyone know what it may be?
  12. I went the same route but instead of a 14 volt drill I went with a gas powered drill. The drill itself only weighs 10lbs. and with the lazer 7 inch I'm guessing it weighs 16lbs. I have a echo drill but tananka also makes them. I've been really happy with the performance so far and with it being so light drilling 20-30 is not tiresome. The gas drills are pretty expensive ($500) so I found a used one and paid $100 for it. So now I have a super light weight gas powered auger! If your a panfish man like me this is something you may want to look into. Yes you do have to mix gas and oil but I think that far outweighs the 14 volt (with limited holes) and drilling with any other gas auger out there. I have probaly drilled 250 holes with it already and the auger adapter has not come loose in the drill chuck. For extra caution I took a piece of thick plastic 8 inches long and drilled a center hole through to slide it on the auger shaft just in case the auger would come loose.
  13. Hooked the trailer up the other morning to go fishing and when I hit the brakes the tail lights would stay on 5 seconds after I let go of the brake but the third brake light went off right away. I'm assuming it will do this with out the trailer hooked up also but will confirm this tomorrow morning. I've also noticed that it is when the truck is still cold but once its warmed up it doesn't do it. I'm thinking its the brake switch on the brake pedal or could it be some sort of relay switch. It just seems weird that the third brake light wouldn't stay on with the tail lights. Any thoughts from anyone that may have experienced this before. Thanks
  14. I've own a jiffy legend lightening for the last 15 years and it has drilled a lot of holes!!!! Yes it is a bit heavy, 29lbs with a 8 inch bit. I've been thinking on how to make the jiffy lighter but have had no luck. So instead of buying a new auger this year I made my own and it is the lightest 2 stroke out there but I haven't tried it yet due to mother nature. What I did was bought a gas powered drilled and attached a 7 inch lazer hand auger to it. I don't have a scale but I would say it weighs 16lbs tops. I think this will work spectacular for running and gunning panfish. No more lugging around a 29 lb jiffy to drill holes.
  15. The ice show seems to be a big event every year and everyone that goes experiences this by bumping shoulders constantly with people walking booth to booth. I think they could use a bigger venue but does anyone know how many people attend this event. One person I talked to thought he heard 20,000. Does anyone really know?
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