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  1. My question is what are you looking for on your graph to determine if you are seeing crappies on your graph and not other fish? Are you looking for certain features of how the school of fish looks or are you just stopping over suspended fish and trying each spot until you find they are crappies?
  2. I have felt the same frustration you are right now until I bought an Abu 7000. You can try the 400 Calcutta and such but you will burn them out throwing big jerkbaits and big bucktails. For bucktails get the 7000 with a 5:3 gear ratio and for jerkbaits you could go with the 5:3 or the 4:3 it would be a personal choice between the two. These reals have more power a bigger drag and I have been going 3 ½ years strong without issue. I would go through 2 to 3 6500 size reels a summer before I made the change. Once you get used to the weight of the 7000 you will not want to fish with a smaller reel again.
  3. Hungonian1 you hit the nail right on the head. I can tell you it is not cheap to get any kind of sticker or business cards printed. I would suspect these so called free stickers are costing the DNR big bucks and nothing is free it is coming from somewhere. Even if they were paying 10 cents a sticker which I doubt it is probably higher than that how many boats and other watercraft are on Minnesota waters? That adds up real fast if you do the math. We do not even know how some of these weeds are being spread. When I used to hunt waterfowl I cleaned birds with plant material in their feathers all the time. So what stops a duck from going to Lake A and picking up some tiny piece of milfoil and flying over to Lake B and dropping it off? I think the DNR needs to come up with a way to take care of the problem when a lake gets infected I think they are trying to fight a battle they cannot win and are trying to prevent the inevitable. If they want to prevent boaters from spreading anything the DNR would be better off taking the sticker money and put staff at boat launches checking boats and writing tickets or warnings like they did last year. I think if a person was busted for not pulling their plug and were fined 100 dollars that would hit home more than a sticker I know it would with me. I also think they should be doing all they can about Asian carp I think that is a bigger threat than a Zebra Mussel.
  4. Here is my point if the signs at the dock, Billboards and commercials on TV are not enough, how exactly is a sticker that I could put inside my rod locker on the bottom of the door never to be seen until I am asked if I have one on the boat going to help? The point is the government does not have the right to use my personal property as a billboard for their message and any good lawyer would have a field day with this in court. That is basically what it is using people's property to spread a message. I drain my live wells and pull my plug and clean my trailer off every time I pull the boat out and I fish Lake Winnie about 99% of the time so I don’t lake hop. So I do not want to hear that I do not care about invasive species or weeds because I won't have a sticker on my rig. That is the problem with this country people just roll over it is not that big of deal and that is why we are in the shape we are in today. Instead of calling your Senators and flooding the DNR with calls and email people will just roll over. So if a free sticker is not a big deal would you be willing to put one of my business stickers on your boat, trailer or truck?
  5. So the DNR has to raise license fees because they are short on funds but come out with this plan that is doing nothing more than wasting money? This is Liberalism at its finest so what is next the MN highway rules will need to be posted on your vehicles? I won’t be getting a sticker and I won’t be paying any fine I will not support this. If they want us to have it so badly print it on the back of the fishing license. I follow the laws but not this one this is a joke and more people need to start taking a stand.
  6. I do not think it should be C & R across the state I also think the 48 inch Min should be dropped also. I have been Muskie fishing for about 12 years now and have let every fish we have every caught go back healthy into the water until 3 years ago. I am fishing on a 48inch min lake trolling and my dad has a 36 inch fish slam a believer. My dad started reeling in the fish and I could see when it got to the boat it was not a good sign a lot of blood in the water and the fish in hailed the bait down in the gill plate and was pumping out blood like crazy. I got the fish in the net and left it in the water and cut the hooks right away. I would say the total time passed was about 4 to 5 minutes between fighting, netting it and cutting the hooks. This was in the fall water temp was in the low 50's. The fish died in my hands I tried for ever but there was just too much blood loss and the gill plate was damaged from when it smashed the bait. How do you avoid that? Any time you fish you run the risk of killing one and if you fish long enough it will probably happen to you and I hope it never does cause it still makes me sick. So now I am sitting on a lake that I can’t keep this fish so in the water it goes to drift into the shore which just about made me puke watching that. If we had the option to keep it at least it would not have gone to waste. Now getting to this fish it is a big fish but I do not think it is nearly as big as some of the fish posted here on the board and I would say the weight is in the 40lbs range but that is my guess from the picture. I think they looked at the length of it being longer instead of girth which is where the weight comes from not length.
  7. Thanks. It is funny you mentioned if it tasted good I just finished up was left over from the fish fry the other night for lunch today and yes it was very good.
  8. I caught this Pike while Musky Fishing on Lake Winnie last weekend. I first thought I had a little Muskie on when it came by the boat as it was so silver and blue in the water. I was Fishing with retired guide that day and he had never seen anything like it either. The picture does a ok job of showing the color but if you look look at the tail section that is how the whole fish looked not in the sun. The only reason I kept it is because the fish in hailed my bucktail and was dead within a few minutes after putting it in the live well. I am guessing the fish was crossed with a Musky and never became a Tiger Musky for some reason. I should have mounted the fish but it was small and I can always get a replica made if I decide to. Here is the Pic. [img:center]
  9. I got back yesterday and I never seen a Musky the whole trip. I did catch some Pike and Walleyes but No ski's not even a follow. The weed beds that I did find looked way behind from the late spring we had. Thanks again for the help!
  10. Thank you for the info!!! I am leaving for Winni 6am tomorrow and hoping to be fishing by 10am. I will let you know how I did when I get back Sunday.
  11. I suppose I could try that but I am wondering if it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack with how much water is between the break and shore. I have been looking for cabbage beds but it does not look like there are many in the lake from the maps I have.
  12. I am heading up to Winni Wednesday and wondering if anyone has heard if the Muskies are moving or not and I am also looking for some help with the lake. I am staying at Nodak Resort and after looking at the map of the lake it does not look like it has and real breaks close to shore Like Leech or Cass that I am used to fishing. Any advice or tips would be appreciated!
  13. Well I am sure I will get some flack for this but its the truth and nothing but the truth. I was on Cass two summers ago fishing with my Mother and wife. We were fishing around Star Island on a big flat out there when I saw something right up close to shore that looked like a log. Well then the log flicked its tail and I thought to myself no way in hell that thing just moved. I had my Wife and mom come up on the casting deck in the front and I trimmed the big motor up and drove in the shallows to check it out. Well it was a big muskie and I mean big. It was sitting in about 2ft of water just sitting there in the sun. I drove up within 3 ft of it and it just sat there. I picked up my 6ft jerkbait rod and held it over the water to compare the two in length. I would say the rod was maybe 10 to 13 inches longer at the most. The fish then didnt like us that close so it swam a away and stopped. So I drove up there again and just looked at it. Its head was easily over a foot long and it was really thick accross the back and I mean thick. I have seen one picture that looks about like what I saw in the water. I have never seen a replica or mount bigger except the world record replica in reeds and I have held a guys replica that was caught on Lac seul that was a 55x27 muskie and this fish was a lot bigger. I know that fish would have beat the record by a fair margin. I know I was looking at a high 50's low 60's inch fish. That fish has haunted me ever since. I fish that spot everytime I am on Cass and have never seen it since that day. There is a deep water break right by that spot that I am sure it lives down in the deep and only comes up in the shallows when it is full and wants some sun.
  14. I am just wondering if the lake is fished a lot for skies as I am trying to get away from heavily fished lakes. Also anyone having any luck out there this year? I have never fished it but my nephew is down from Alaska this week and wants to go muskie fishing.
  15. Did you see any fish? When the water temp is that lower than 40 is it worth going? I am heading to leech tomorrow and wondering what pattern should I use? Anyone know the temp out on leech?
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