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  1. onemagnum

    Line counter

    You really cant beat the SG27's for the money, we've had several for years and have never had a problem.
  2. Was it Brian and Eric? Did they fish in front of your place?
  3. Has any one heard the results from this past weekends tournament, cant seem to get on there web site.
  4. onemagnum

    Congrats to Elwood Monster Catfish!

    The way it looks Shack you must have netted Elwood to (first pic), he must have been to excited to get out of the net.
  5. onemagnum

    Private Boat Sale - Sales Tax

    There is good info online covering this, just google Minnesota Boat Registration or any other state for that matter.
  6. onemagnum

    Looking for a lab pup

    Email sent, good breeder south of Moorhead.
  7. onemagnum

    White Muskies???

    Now thats funny
  8. onemagnum

    Need a list of all Archery Shops in MN

    Try mnarchery dot org, it has all of the affiliates belonging to Minnesota Archery Association.
  9. onemagnum

    Catfish Record???

    Caught last saturday, 42# 1 oz old record 33# 4 oz caught in 1991
  10. onemagnum

    does anyone know what type of boat this is?

    I just googled seabreeze and they are out of New Jersey
  11. onemagnum


    According to Doug Lier it sounded like computer issues.
  12. onemagnum

    Cost of Recreational Land?

    Musky, I just sent you a brochure for the 172 acres.
  13. onemagnum

    Cost of Recreational Land?

    I am on the second one, but I don't know what I can post as far as my company or if I can put my email on this site or not. Let me know what I can post. Thanks