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  1. Do you have high speed internet at home? If so, contact your cell provider and tell them you don't get a signal in the interior of your home and you need a cellular hotspot. Sprint uses a device called a Airave and I know the other companies have something similar. It essentially becomes your antenna if you're within range, and it just plugs into your internet router/modem directly so your calls are handled over the internet rather than over the air. Depending on your cell provider, this may even be a free addon/service that they will provide. The only stipulation is that the Airave has a GPS antenna that will need to get a signal, so that antenna usually needs to be near a window. Its just a tiny 1" white box or something along those lines. Hope this helps!
  2. Nice fish guys! Sick 6lber Jalberg. SMalliehunter, you should move your pose up to that last storage box on your back deck. Give some more detail to the fish and you in those pictures, and less background. Scenery is nice and all, but the fish are more interesting in these cases!
  3. Its considered a "unifilament" or "Unified filament" by Berkley. Based on their description it definitely seems to be a singular line much like monofilament, but its made out of some new compound called Dyneema which is supposed to be much stronger, yet thinner. Hope that answers yours question. It certainly is nothing like a braid in that respect anyways, other than the fact that it is also no-stretch essentially.
  4. Braids have multiple strands, hence braid. Nanofil is a single line. I would say thats the biggest difference in potential strength if knicked. Usually braid may only loose 1 or 2 strands, and the others maintain significant strength. Knicked nanofill is like when you accidentally rip a bag of chips open and it starts going down the side. Theres no stopping it! I've experienced the same problems with nanofil randomly snapping. Its the only line I've ever had the problem with. I still use it on 1 panfish rod, but I also keep that drag extremely loose and treat it as if it was 4lb line essentially. The 8lb is nice for sensitivity and casting distance, but I don't think you can treat it like most other 8lb lines while fishing it.
  5. Dogfish, pound for pound, are absolutely the best fighting fish I've ever caught for sure. I'll throw in there that if you want to target them, Shields lake in Rice Co. is absolutely full of them. During my bass league last year we boated 7 I think? Biggest was right at 30" no less and a beast. Find the shallow bays or cast right up to the reeds on that lake and you'll find em. Oh, most of these were caught with swimbaits or chatterbaits btw. Some of the neatest looking fish I've ever caught for sure if you get them at the right time of year!
  6. I started using chatterbaits about 10 years ago when they were kind of the next big thing, and boy did I get hooked. They definitely have a consistent spot in my arsenal when the conditions are right, though lately I find them to be more of a pike magnet than bass, which can get frustrating some days. What is everyone's favorite colors? Do you go natural and imitate bluegills or crayfish? I've always leaned towards white or white/chartreuse, but I also will throw black/blue every now and then when the weather/sky just seems to give that one a better chance. One thing I know I've proven on several outings with friends was having MUCH better success with one particular color combo of the boogie tails that it comes standard with. Like I said, I like white chatterbaits the most, and for me it HAS to have a white trailer with red tips. They freaking hard to find anymore, but I know Zoom made them for a long time and I'll still see them stocked every now and then in some stores. I can't seem to find them regularly in stock online, but if you use the solid color ones I strongly recommend giving the red tips a try if you can find a pack.
  7. Aaron Carrell


    I user PowerPro for frogging personally. There are several good ones out there, but I just keep coming back to PP out of consistency of tackle in the house and I never have any problems with it. I'll give a +1 to InvisX as well. Used 15lb & 20lb all last season with great results. The only line snap I had was when my rod tip broke off as well.
  8. Aaron Carrell


    Also, I can't recommend Sufix 832 whatsoever for frogging purposes. The stuff doesn't float right on top so if you like fishing pads much, the line will tend to get under them and cause your frog to go under as well. Everything other than topwater it works great.
  9. Mann's 1-Minus That thing is killer when you've only got 1-1.5' of water above the weeds. Not to mention you can launch it a mile! I'll also second the DT3F and I like the DT1Fat as well which can also be subbed as a wakebait if you work it slower.
  10. Somehow I think you got just the perfect storm of conditions for that last night. If you get that kind of luck tonight, I'd be extremely surprised with the onset of this stupid cold front during the day.... Good luck though! Wanna hit Pool 2 w/ me tomorrow morning btw?
  11. I'll chime in regarding the DT4 vs DT3Fat. There is a big difference between those lures and I've by far had more luck getting pike on the Fat3 over the much much skinnier DT4. There is something about the movement of that crank that pike just love. I rarely throw it for bass anymore because its such a pike magnet.
  12. Craigums, I was planning on fishing that lake this evening. You in the area? It will only be my 2nd time, but I did quite well my first time out there about 4 weeks ago (prespawn/spawning). Any interest in hopping in the boat with me? Always fun to fish with someone new. And the spot I'd hit right now you have cut off just on the north tip of your picture. :-p Just sayin...
  13. Don't know if I'm allowed to post this or not, but Gerald Swindle cracks me up on this lost fish.... There are days when I get frustrated and other days I laugh pretty hard depending on the situation honestly.
  14. +1 on the President. Until I started using baitcasters exclusively, those were by far my favorite spinning reel of all the ones I owned. Handled pike up to 35" regularly on on the river in LaCrosse.
  15. Fixed. This is what I've got left of the bunch I had. 1x 3.5" 2x 2.5" 2x 2"
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