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  1. HI JPZ.... jee you must be a pro staff or somthing... because i did send them(aqua vu/nature,,,,) a e mail about the fish finder last week ..... there response... thise product is NOT YET AVAILABLE,,,,, and ,,,,date off availability unknown... so its nice to see sombody did saw it,,,or try it.. can t wait to see it myslef... i am thinking big time to get one....one more toys ,,but will still use my vex 18..... this is good..competition to vex and marcum..... joco
  2. hi all anyone saw that new unit frome aqua vu,,,,,,,, look like a great machine........i just love the look off it. would like to no if anyone try a unit,,as a demo or helse... http://www.naturevisioninc.com/shop_nvi/product.php?productid=14&cat=4&page=1 joco
  3. joco

    New Vexilar?

    vexilar made in japan,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i was sher they were made in usa.... I got a vex 18 and do love it......but like i said before.....there just a little thig i dont like,,,its that there no protection for the screen like the old one,,,there was almost no way to toutch or even scartch that surface,,but now,,,it all there for everthing to happen.........i gues they made there school work before....and test it...i hope....... i am still desiding.......to get a new 20 model.... joco
  4. hi all i baught a vexilar 18 about 5 months ago,,,,,,,it work great...now i would like to get myself a marcumlx5 unit,,, but the probleme is,,,,,,,,where we fish crappies there is a lot off vexilar unit,,,8 and 18 model,, and that spot is very small like 100 feet circinference,,,and somtime we fish closer like 15 feet close,,,,, so now i want to no if a marcum lx5 unit will interfer wit the vex unit,,,,,,,,, is there gone to be interference.....betwen them..... i dont what to interfer wit the boys unit,,,,we still have to be gentlemen to other fisherman,,,,,,, so ,,,,,,,,,,,i would love more info about this,,,,, thanks,,, joco aka,marco p.
  5. I RECEIVE MY AQUA VU XL LAST NIGHT,,,,,,,,, did not try it yet,,,,,,,but it sher is a pretty machine,,,, but it is heavy,,,,, can t wait to try it this weekend,,,,, joco
  6. HI DEITZ DITTRICh do you no what kind off led i have on my unit,the anthlantis,,,502 do you think,,,the aqua-vue xl,,,is better then my athantis 502,,, my aqua-vue xl is already baught, ,,,,,,just waiting to get here,,,,,,, mabe i should ,,,keep the two off them,,,,,,,, joco
  7. HI TROUBLEHOOK its because where i f fish somtime,,its deap,,,more then 60 feet,,,, so my new one have 100 feet cord,,,,,,,,old one,,,,60 feet,, new one,7 inch screent tv.................old one 5 inch,,, new one crappie chape camera that dont sqare fish,,,old,,,big yellow and silver thing,,, so thats why,,,,but its a good one,,,might keep it for spare,,,or could lend to people wen they come fishing wit me, thanks,,, joco
  8. HI ALL I have right now a athantise 502,,,and its great,,,can see at night and all. i am gething a aqua-vu xl,,,,,,,,soon,,,,,,,,some people say ,,that can use it at night,,,,is this true,,,,,,why? joco
  9. one more question,,,,,,,,,, my camera athlantis 502,,,work great at night,,,night vision on it,,,, some people ,,,,say that the aqua -vu dont work at night,,,? i am gething an aqua-vu xl this week,,,,,and do hope it those work at night,,, those it,? thanks joco
  10. hi all ok is there any underwater camera,,,wit color,,,,,,,,? i have an athlantis 502,,,,,now i am geting an aqua vu XL,,,but i would like to no,,,,its there some wit color ..t.v.and camera..........? thanks.. joco,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  11. hi have a athlantis sportscam,and it those work great,,,,but i did have to change the camra once,it did past under the warenty,there was a leak in the camera,,but they did not no what cause the leak,it was a pike that attack my camera,,,,,i wish i ad that on a tape.....
  12. thats a awsome ride you gote there,,,,,,, how mutch ICE do you need before you get thats monster on ice,,,, ,,,,,,,,, thats great a ski-doo and a ice shanty at the same time, joco,ontario canada
  13. HI all I am in ontario/quebec border ottawa,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i am looking to get a marcum,,,in here did not see any place saling them,is there any place in canada that have some for sale,,,,,,,,,,,,,$ i just dont want to pay extra shiping and some extra fee at the us border,,,,,,,,, i want to have one for this winter,,,,,,,,,, are they realy better then a vex 18........ thanks to all,,,, joco
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