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  1. Hard to belive that a Yukon would not fit into a Jeep Cherokee. The Yukon fits nicely into my '95 Pathfinder and if i'm leaving the metro area it goes into the wifes Subaru Outback. An SUV that can't haul as much fishing gear as a Subaru station wagon... I'd have to reconsider that purchase.
  2. Both of my kids caught their first ice gills when they were three. Now they both love it so much that in the summer they beg me to set up the portable so they can "practice". All of the advise has been good; snacks, other things to do (we alwayse take a sled). My only aditional advise is this; if you dont want it to go down the hole, keep it out of the kids hands... the north bay of Med Lake has alot of "artificial structure" donated to the lake bottom by my kids. Definately take an extra ice scoop.
  3. Quote: I thought you were asking about the rut. Now that was funny.
  4. Is a ML license $27.00 as well; I cant seem to find that info in the regs. I would assume the cost is the same as a regular firearms lic. Thanks
  5. Windy, I’m guessing that you were a WCKG listener back when it was the best classic rock station in the mid west… good to see you and Gene representing Chicago Land. I agree that it’s staying power that makes the difference and while it will never get a fair shake in this neighborhood; hip hop is here to stay. I guarantee that thirty years from now people will still be listening to the more prevalent rappers from today. I stand by my Nirvana choice; not only was their work as a band insignificant but the genre of music they put on the map died within ten years… overrated.
  6. Are the Beatles overrated; absolutely not. Are they one of the most influential bands in music history; yes they are. Would rock and roll be any different had the Beatles never existed; maybe, but I don’t think so. The Beatles exploded when the market (music fans, not music producers) was ready to hear something new. Had the Beatles not been around it would have been some other British invasion band or some teenagers from Ohio banging drums in their parent’s garage. I’m not taking anything away from the “Fab Four”, their brilliance and influence cannot be denied but I think that their success was a product of the times not the other way around (my opinion is somewhat biased; I’m an Elvis guy). My vote for most overrated goes to Nirvana .
  7. My biggest problem is finding the time to get out on the ice; once i'm there there isn't much that can get me down.
  8. Quote: ...We are going back in February but this time we rented a house in Puerto Morelos which is south of Cancun between that and Playa. shh
  9. I wasn't able to hunt opener but I know for a fact that the guys that I hunt with all had to sight in Friday evening. They were on private land (our own range) just north of Pine River... all are good sportsmen.
  10. Quote: anyone no how much this ticket is gonna cost me? $120, at least that's what it cost in Cass County.
  11. I would be in the Pine River, Backus area but like Tipup, I will be working until ML season.
  12. "The Pines" "The Oaks" "The Tangle" "The Slue" "Cop Pine" - Super Cop hunts here; the biggest pine in the woods for the biggest boy in camp. "Tick Hill" "The Full Eddy" - Last year, his first year hunting with our party, Eddy sat in this oak from before sun up until after sun down for three days without moving. On the morning of the forth day, as he was getting ready to leave the woods and head back to Illinois, a buck came out of the thick stuff and presented a shot. Eddy's aim was true and the buck fell where he stood. Eddy picked up the deer, through it over his shoulders and carried it out of the woods. Now we call that stand site as well as any hard core, bad a** display of machismo "The Full Eddy".
  13. Yes, I hunt a mix of private and county administered in Cass Co.
  14. Just did this exact thing (family reunion) at Silver Rapids Lodge on Garden Lake near Ely. Lodge with a couple dozen rooms, many cabins and camp sites, restaurant/ bar, boat rental and great fishing. Took some folks from California, Idaho and Texas on a day trip into the BWCA… good time had by all.
  15. Quote: Quote: LuciaAndTim, is that a water dish you have out? I ask because I just created a small water source - 16 1/2 gallon rubber dish I sank into the ground about 20 yards from my mineral lick - and will be interested to see from my trail cam if they are using it given that its still pretty dry around here. That is exactly what it is All the local watering holes were drying up so I thought i'd give the local wildlife a spot they know they could wet their whistle. Out of the 120 pictures I got that night there were plenty that showed them using it, so I guess it worked. I also have pictures of other little critters drinking from the water. They are either squirrels or rabbits. My daughetr wasn't too happy with me thoough....it is the top to her sanbox Oh well she loves watching the deer. I read about doing this in Field and Stream and think it's a great idea; my hunting land is dryer than I have ever seen it. If you put a small water source like this in an area that you hunt, would it be baiting?
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