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  1. Capt.Blaine

    2011 Fantasy Auto Racing Champion

    Congrats! Its not easy and you did a great job!!
  2. Capt.Blaine

    Week 18 Winner

    Nice work Dourque!
  3. Capt.Blaine

    Week 16 Winner

    Thanks everyone! Its a long season I just hope I can keep it up.
  4. Capt.Blaine

    MN Opener

    My muskie fishing partner and I put in 12 hours Saturday. Had 14 follows and boated 2. One small one and a 41".
  5. Capt.Blaine

    Week 10 Winner

    Nice win Brickyard Master. I thought I had it for sure but you topped the charts. Congrats!!
  6. Capt.Blaine

    Week 5 Winner

    Nice job Airjer, thats a very nice score!
  7. Capt.Blaine

    Week 3 Winner

    Congrats Cat-man!!
  8. Capt.Blaine

    Week 2 Winner

    Thanks everyone! We will see how long I can stay on top. It's not easy and last year I sucked! Good luck to everyone tomorrow!
  9. Capt.Blaine

    Week 1 Winner

    Nice job!
  10. Capt.Blaine

    2011 top three finisher's

    48 11 05
  11. Capt.Blaine

    Importance of a ice fishing fish finder?

    Dont leave home with out it!
  12. Capt.Blaine

    Baffin evolution boots

    I also have baffin impacts and they are great! I've used them for 2 years now with no problems. They are very light and warm!
  13. Capt.Blaine

    Pulling shack with ATV

    Ive seen a couple shelters get damaged from pulling with a rope. One was from the rope wrapping around the tire, and the other ran into a tire and caught a lug and got pinched between the fender and tire.
  14. Capt.Blaine

    Week 22 Winner(s)

    maybe my luck is changing?? Thats a good 3 way tie for sure....
  15. Capt.Blaine

    Week 7 Winner