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  1. I hope they didn't kill a whole shark just to use their fins to make "Shark Fin Soup"....
  2. Best fishing story this year for me was the canoe fishing trip on Canyon River. Every canoer passing us by would say that there's no fish in this river because it's just too low (about knee high only). Boy are they wrong, there's thousands of walleyes, smallies, and some carp, white bass, sheapheads, and shiners too. I guarantee if you use the #5 shad rap (blue/white) one you'll catch as much walleyes as you'd ever catch in you life. Just gotta hit the right spot, right where the fast current and calm area meet. I don't know what it's called but yeah fishes love to stay there and wait for food. Only problem is if you looking for giants then that's not the place for you. The fishes are relatively small but it's about the action. Our group, I can honestly say, caught over 100 walleyes, but we had 9 people. I think that's still good though. Let go of 75% incase your wondering.
  3. Nice to watch but can't they catch any other sharks other than blues and threashers. I like to see them catch a giant Mako or a Great white like jaws.....da dum...da dum...da dum...da dum da dum da dum da dum dadadaaaaaadum...
  4. quick question I went to WBL and got some sand but this seems to make the water cloudy so now I switched to some large tan gravels. I just put the gravel in as of thursday night at 7:00pm. The problem is I got my walleyes and bass in a big bucket only. SOOOOOOO.......... How long can the fish survive in the bucket? How long before I can put the fish in my tank? tanks been treated with the proper chemicals but not sure if native fish reacts differently because I've always just waited 24hr for tropical freshwater fishes in the past.
  5. From what I've seen smallies are the most common native fish shops sell along with bullheads. Go to Forest lake pet shop, they have a lot of smallies right now. Also Wet Pet in eagan have some smallies too. I just got the last two walleyes at that place...haha..
  6. Yupeeee........I just got last night 2 walleyes and 1 large mouth bass. Hope they survive because that's one dam expensive fish. Man those walleyes are killers, they way they attack, exactly why I wanted them.
  7. ^^^That's a walleye in the middle right? Nice fishes. Well the people from NYC emailed me back, it's going to cost $100 shipped, 4 walleyes. Yes that was right, crazy huh. Well I guess I reconsider the walleye, I'll just go looking around places for native fish. I just might get some Large mouth and crappies. My brother got his Large Mouth to eat from his fingers. I wonder why that other guy's bass died, they're like goldfish, eat anything. Well i gotta go to white bear lake to get more sand this week and finish my tank with some tree branches. These sand at WBL is very nice, they settle right away if disturb and are silky. I heard world of fish have some natives, I'll try that first.
  8. I don't want to go salt water just yet but maybe in the future. As for the Northern Pike that I wanted to take a pic and show everyone, well he jumped out and died last night... I found a place on the internet that's selling LM bass, Smallies, perch, and even walleyes. They're located in NY so shipping might be expensive. I might order 4 at the end of the week. Hopefully they don't die though. I may reconsider if the shipping is too much because I think you have to get it shipped express overnight for them to survive.
  9. My little brothers been catching baby northerns right now and keeping a few. I told him it's illegal and now he doesn't do it anymore but we got 1 left. I put him in my 30 gallon breeder tank, it's perfect for him. My brother has a 2.5" large mouth bass also but one day the Northern ate him. Bass are nice but they are like goldfish sometimes, too common. I really would like to try walleye because they are so rare. It'll be nice to see them grow up and then I can eat them.... J/K I will try to post pics up of my pike soon.
  10. what pet shops sell Native fish as for right now. I know the fish shop in Forest Lake sells a lot but they get shipments only in the spring. They still got some smallies, bluegills, and crappies. I'm trying to find largemouths or walleyes to keep.
  11. Strugeons are protected and not legal to keep right or wrong???
  12. Hey thanks but I was crossing my fingers for something a little closer like Fargo. I would like to go early and fish and then come home at night. I just don't have much time because of home improvement projects this labor day. Red River flows through Fargo right? Anyways hit me an email at [email protected] (I dont care what anyone says about Moss ) Sorry I'm a noob so I would like to know: What size hooks size lines and type baits....was that frogs you said, dam I scared of frogs what size pole recommend since my is more for crappies you know. and just some personal advises, anyone else is welcome to shoot me an email too. Thanks folks.
  13. Man I love battered and deep fried cat fish fallets. No bones at all too. Alright so I guess I'll have to look into that, I'm on vacation during labor day and that just might be what I want to do. Some of my friends pick fishing catfish over anything, I'm more into bass and eyes. One thing for sure, monster cats will fight till the end. Red River huh......how long of a drive from the twin cities?
  14. I love to fish for catfish, and I love deep fried catfish fallet. Hey where is Red river at??? and the hot spot if you don't mind. Thanks for the info.
  15. ok that can't be what I think it is, the colors not even right.....hummmmm.
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