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  1. Got into a nice batch of grays today,ended up with around 80.This should be a banner week with the rain were getting.
  2. Well!!!!! I may have been down in the Redwing area yesterday, And may have found 20 greys.So you may not have to wait 2 weeks to find some.It was very dry where I found them,they probably popped Sunday.The cold did not harm them,but I suspect it did keep more from popping.I can usually find well over a hundred in the area I was hunting.We need that rain to get things going.
  3. I enjoy living close to the cities,but after last winter I would take Washington state down by the columbia river.Oregon and Washington has everything,I envy my brother .
  4. Cool looking mushroom Deitz,I saw a cluster of those yesterday but didnt know what they were.Didnt have the banner morel season I was hoping for this year,but still managed about 8 lbs.I still found a few fresh grays yesterday but the undergrowth of the woods is getting thick in some my areas.Good luck to all on your mushroom adventures.
  5. Ditto,got out today and found about 100.Most of them were grays,I expect by midweek the yellows will explode.Going out again tomorrow to see if any additional shrooms will pop in the same place.The woods felt nice and humid with the rain we received today.
  6. Flippers right. When Im looking and find some,just assume you have not found them all.Search the area slowly,looking from different directions can reveal other mushrooms that may be missed. Yellows will usually pop in the same areas as the grays,but not always.Its seems like yellows like a little more sun than the grays.
  7. You might be right leech,im thinking they may start to pop good by the 14th.Looks like the conditions over the next week may lend itself to some spring time growing.By the 21st things could be goin gangbusters,i just hope temps dont rise fast after that or it could be a short season.
  8. What part of the state was this discovery made? Not gonna waste my gas/time if your finding them way south.But if its a metro find,I may have to explore.By the way,congrates on the find.
  9. Thanks for the post eyehunter.The way this spring is going,we may not see anything til the Mn fishing opener.I may have to make a trip down that way,starting to get the morel jitters
  10. I have a bad feeling about the length of the season this year.Im kind of thinking that its gonna go from a slow start to spring,and then jump into summer temps.As long as we have some good moisture,we should be in business for a bit.
  11. There are alot of guides that work down in Marathon key.You might want to check out a half day trip to the flats or something.Salt water is a whole different game,good luck down there.
  12. However,some mapping chips arent always accurate.This is where depth control comes into play.Also what if you are getting poor gps coverage?
  13. TooTallTom,That is my point.Sorry if the thread is unreadable to some.My grammer/spelling/composition aint so good since I drank that thermometer juice .Now that its been corrected you should be able to understand what I was getting at. Why has it been at least ten years that have gone by without many advancements in the trolling motor industry?Im done,have at it Sonicrunch.
  14. Thats the phrase I can use to describe pinpoint systems trolling motors and graph systems back in the 90s and early 2000,s.With such things as networking and depth track,its a shame new technology hasnt been able to surpase and improve on some of these things.I wish pinpoint would have held on and improved the durability and mapping side of their motors and graphs.To me it was alot of technology to put on the part of the boat that takes extreme abuse, but with todays advancements someone should be able to figure it out.The Ipilot is a nice feature but why does the terova still have wire connections to the motorhead,its to easy to twist up around the motor.Or maybe they have a wireless system I havent seen yet I dont know.Why isnt their a trolling motor out their that tracks depth or allows you to plot a course on a graph with mapping features then follow it.Pinpoint started a good thing,Someone please take the reigns and march on,Ill be waiting.
  15. And what is your address up there in Northbranch,I may need to come up there to verify that those are indeed Morels .If you are correct I will remove them for you at no xtra charge.
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