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  1. Was out for an hour last Thursday evening. Water temp was a suprising 53 degrees. Picked up 4 small fish on bait. I am sure we are under 50 degrees and dropping.
  2. Fished the "Dead Sea" again this morning for a couple hours. Tossed the shadrap rs #5. Caught two fish. Very slow but good to see they were still willing to chase the crank.
  3. It's the Dead Sea! We went out this afternoon and caught 2 fish on the K3. Water temp was 52 degrees and she rose about a foot overnight. What is the deal! I have never had to work this hard for fall fish.
  4. Yea, The spot we hit produced one quick fish then nothing. The rain we got tonight might help the cause. I'm going to try up by the dam later in the week if I can break away for a couple hours.
  5. Tossed lures at lunch on Friday and picked up a big "0". Saturday picked up 10 fish on live bait but they were small. One fish had two other minnows in his throat besides mine! I agree that something is going on with this low ultra clear water. Last week I found fish schooled up, this week the were scattered around. I wonder if the extra moss and low water helped the bait fish this year? Maybe the fish don't have to work as hard for food and are a little less aggressive?
  6. Bob, Congrats on the Walleye! That is a great fish. I went out today with a couple of friends and it was not as good as Friday. We did catch a fair number of fish but they were small. The water temp dropped down to 53 degrees.
  7. Went out this afternoon with my Dad. We fished from 2:00 until 6:00 and had a great time. Boated a total of 28 smallies and a nice largemouth. I have to admit I cheated by using golden roaches. We caught all but 2 fish anchored from the same spot. The largemouth hit a number 7 rs shadrap. All fish were in the 12-15 inch range. The moss is still giving me problems at some of my favorite fall spots. Water temp was 58 degrees. Projects all day Saturday but will be back on the water Sunday afternoon. Still looking for Mr. Big.
  8. Hi Bob, Yes, I will be fishing briefly in the morning. If my day turns out ok I might be able to fish in the afternoon also. Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] and I will send you my cell phone to see if I can chase smallies in the afternoon. I went out for a quick fix today and caught 3 in about an hour on the spinnerbait. The water was clear and low.
  9. Walked down to the Perry Farm along the river last night and made a few casts with 3/8oz white spinner bait. Caught two nice smallies. The river is dropping and still lots of moss. I have to give credit to the boys fishing the upper Mississippi on the spinnerbait. I have really up sized my lures after fishing up there. Fall is a great time to fish bigger baits!
  10. We fished the K3 river from 4th avenue down to the metro discharge. I did find a nice spot where they are starting to stack up for the winter!
  11. Went out Saturday morning and fished til 11:30. Similar results. We boated 17 fish. Nothing over 15 inches. All fish were fat. Water temp was 60. We fished crankbaits, live bait, and tubes. I got out tonight for about 20 casts with a chug bug and had one short strike.
  12. Bob, Made a couple of casts last night and caught a 14 inch smallie on a zoom super fluke. I will be fishing from the K3 dam to Davis Creek on Saturday morning. I hear you on the moss!! I found some clean water at fourth avenue just downstream from the dam. We were catching fish on shad raps up there. Nothing to brag about, largest was 16 1/4. I have been fishing a lot of super flukes. They are catching fish and stay out of the moss better than anything else I throw. The hogs will be feeding soon!!!!! Hopefully I can find a couple this weekend. I will post results Sunday.
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