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  1. I drew an any elk tag for unit H2A. I'll be heading out September 30th to start hunting on Friday, October 1st. Plan on staying for 10 days, or until I have one down. I spent Labor Day weekend, and last weekend in the hills, and found elk in a few different places. In the area that looked the best, I saw 5 different bulls over Labor Day weekend (2 shooters and 3 smaller 6x6's), and 3 different bulls last weekend (one of which I know was one of the smaller 6x6's that I saw Labor Day weekend). My question is, has anybody else been out in the hills, and have you heard much bugling activity? Over Labor Day weekend, we heard one bugle at about 8:00 AM one morning, and one bull bugle well after dark another evening. Talked to a group of guys in a different area of the hills who were archery hunting a herd of 80+ elk, and they said the bulls were screaming like crazy one of those mornings. Last weekend, I didn't hear a single bull bugle, and I know they were in the area because I saw them. When does the bugling activity typically peak? Thanks!
  2. I recently had an estimate prepared for our lawn by a lawn care company, and found out that what I thought was crab grass or quack grass, is actually tall fescue. It seems to be spreading through our lawn, and according to the company that looked at it, there is no control option available without killing the entire lawn and re-seeding. I did some research, and have read that Certainty may be effective in eliminating tall fescue without harming the lawn. Anybody have any experience with this, or any other suggestions? Thanks!!
  3. I also have "just a dog" who is only 1 year and 7 months old. Reading this post brings tears to my eyes knowing what a loyal companion we are so lucky to share so many memories with. Be comforted knowing that your girl is headed to a place where each day she will awake to a cool, crisp fall day where the waterfowl are willing and the updland game are plentiful. She has a million more retreivs to look forward to, and I would be willing to bet that she is taking more than just a few memories of you with her on her journey as well. Rest In Peace Breeze!
  4. This is a couple weeks past due, but on Wednesday, October 7th I was able to take my first deer of the year with my new bow (Mathews Drenalin)! Finally got a little break from the rain we had been getting so I decided it would be a good night to sit in a tree stand for a couple hours. I bought a new bow before season this year, and so far I have about 80 hours of stand time under my belt from a 7 day bear hunt which resulted in exactly zero bear sightings, so it goes without saying that I was ready to come to full draw on something! I got off work at 5:00, headed home, fed the dog, changed into my camo, and headed out for an evening sit. I climed into my stand at about 6:00, filled with anticipation for the hour and a half of shooting light I had left. Shortly after 7:00 I hear something to my right, and slowly turn my head. I was surprised to see a doe at about 18 yards and closing the distance fast. She crossed in front of me at about 2 yards and stopped after she got past me, slightly quartering away at 6 yards. I came to full draw, told myself to "aim small" and settled my pin about 3/4 of the way up her back since it was such a steep angle, lined up with her far leg . I let the arrow fly, and watch it blow through her and stick about 6 inches into the ground. The doe spun around, jumped a fence and made it only 30 yards up the side of a corn field before tumbling over. I switched to Muzzy MX-3's this year, and although I watched her fall and tracking was not necessary, I wanted to see what type of blood trail she left. I was very pleased with the amount of blood sprayed all over both sides of the trail, although I believe any broadhead would have produced the same results, as I took out both lungs and the top quarter of the heart, with a low exit point. I discarded the used blades and cleaned up the rest of the broadhead, and it's ready for another set of blades and another deer. Now with my doe tag filled, it's time to wait for mister big! Here's a couple of pics:
  5. Thanks for the response! I'll have to pick one up and give it a try. Much easier than lugging around a bunch of water bottles in the vest!
  6. Last year, I hunted with a friend of a friend who had a backpack that holds water, and had a hose coming over his shoulder with a nosel on the end. He could simply squeeze the end of the nosel and shoot water into his dog's mouth. This was much easier than carrying around multiple water bottles. I can't get ahold of him to see what type it was. I was at the big "C" store today, and they said that both their brand, and the big name brand (camel....) worked like a straw and required suction in order to get water to flow. I have no experience with these so am wondering if anybody knows of a brand or type that would work. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance for any replies, and happy hunting.
  7. Any advice would be helpful. Toby, my yellow lab, is 84 lbs and measures 32" around the chest right behind the front legs, and the base of his neck measures 21.5" Most of our water hunting will be early in the year, as we usually focus on the fields once the crops come off and the northern birds show up. For this reason, I'm leaning towards a 3 mm neoprene, but like I said, I'm open to suggestions. I've only looked at the Avery vests, as that's all the local stores here carry, but I like the foam inserts for added flotation on long retreives. Please share any experiences with different products, additional things to consider, or tips for picking out the right vest for Toby! Thanks,
  8. Thank you all for your input. I have decided to make the switch to 100 grain, 4 blade Muzzy MX-4s. Hopefully these will shoot a little more in line with my field points, however I realize that with 4 blades to catch wind, I will probably have to make a small adjustment before my bear hunt. Thanks Again!
  9. I didn't have much done to my bow itself, just added a larger peep sight for better visibility. Most of the work done was to my arrows, as I made the switch from 4" vanes to 2" blazers. I had it paper tuned with the new fletchings. I only re-sighted because I was hitting higher by a couple of inches with the new blazers. I seem to be getting good arrow flight with my field tips and broadheads, however the broadheads are hitting higher. I'll be making the switch to 100 gr. 4 blade muzzys in the future. Hopefully that will put my broadhead flight more in sync with my field tip flight. I was a little hesitent to switch now, as I still have 4 perfectly good 90 gr. broadheads left from last year. Those should be used by the end of the year though, as I'll be bear hunting and also plan to fill 3 archery deer tags as well. Might make the switch to 100 grain heads for bear hunting, and use the 90 grain heads for deer hunting after. I'm considering trying the new MX-4's. I've never had a problem with my current muzzys, but it seems like the added blade thickness couldn't hurt when it comes to crushing bone! Thanks for the input!
  10. I just recently had some work done on my bow and sighted it in using 100 gr. field tips, thinking that my broadheads were also 100 gr. I'm shooting 2" groups at 20 yards and 4-5" groups at 40 yards with my field tips, so I'm very comfortable and confident with my current setup. My dad and I are heading up to Canada to bear hunt in September, so today I decided I should shoot my broadheads to make sure ther is no major difference in flight. When I got my broadheads out, I realized that they are 90 gr., and not 100 gr. like I thought. I shot a few arrows anyways, and I am hitting about 6 - 8" higher than my field tips (left and right is still OK). (I am using Muzzy 4 blade broadheads) Is it normal that there would be such a large difference due to a 10 gr. difference in weight, or is the air resistence of the broadhead causing this difference? Thanks!
  11. I am in the market for a new archery target. I will be shooting primarily field tips, as I only shoot my broadheads a few times right before season to make sure their flight is consistent with my field tips. I have used the black hole previously, and it worked well, however I would be interested to see what others have used and had good luck with recently. I have been taking a close look at the block fusion, and it seems like they might hold up a little better than a target with exposed foam layers, just wondering if it is worth the extra cost. Any thoughts, experiences or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  12. My dad and I will be heading up to the Flin Flon, Manitoba area to bear hunt over Labor Day week (the second week in September). If we fill our bear tags early, we will have the option to do some fishing for the remainder of the week. I am not familiar with this area at all and have a few general questions. Does anybody have any experience in this area? We will be targeting primarily walleye, and would not be afraid to travel to find fish as long as we could make it to and from the lodge within a day and still have a reasonable amount of time to fish. What lakes should we look into fishing? Also, is there typically a good walleye bite during that time of year? I should add that we will have access to a small boat from our hunting outfitter. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  13. I have a 2000 90 HP 2 stroke Mercury that has been very cold blooded the first time I start it on any given day ever since I bought it. I always squeeze the fuel bulb until firm and it holds pressure, so I know that isn't the problem. I often have to give it quite a bit of throttle in neutral in order to get it to fire, and then let it idle for a while before engaging the motor until it warms up or I kill it when I put it in gear. The previous owner and myslef have run nothing but premium gas through this motor. After the first start of the day, it always starts like a dream (barely have to touch the key and it fires right up). Aside from this one issue, I have not had any other problems with this motor and have been very satisfied. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  14. It was a few weeks after my check was cashed, but I received mine in the mail last week. After my check had been cashed for 2 weeks and still no bag, I became concerned and contacted the company and was told that it can take 4-6 weeks. Total wait for me was about 5 weeks. Worth the wait to me. I have 7 tubs of Gulp Alive for different applications and they all fit nicely inside. I have yet to have it out in the boat with me, but it should be a good way to organize them all.
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