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  1. I have also received information that they are the FL-12 and FL-20. The new products will be unveiled at the ICAST show next month in Las Vegas. Info on the new units coming at the end of July. I don't know any other details about the units.
  2. You can get some good deals on them. Thorne Bros. has 10% off all their ice armor right now. You can also wait until the end of the year. I have seen them as low as $199.99. I have one, but have yet to use it with no ice in my area.
  3. Clam has a patented weave that is almost impossible to tear and fray. You can actually take a piece of fabric and slice a hole in it and you cannot tear it with your hands or even get it to budge. They don't call it ice armor for nothing!
  4. I put cushioned boat seats on my Guide and they work great. They are the same height as the plastic ones and the cover still fits. I would post a pic, but I may get in trouble. If you would like to see send me your e-mail.
  5. I would ask them to replace the wood. If you can't get them to do this then I would try to get them to sign a waiver stating that if any other problems arise due to the roof leaking they are responsible for the repair. Another thing that works is tell them that if the leak occurs again you will be demanding a new fish house or you will be reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals Office for a bad product.
  6. Maybe call some of the big manufactures (ie. HT enterprises, Frabill, etc) and tell them what you are doing and maybe they will send some free stuff your way as a corporate sponsor.
  7. Jiffy has a new Stealth STX out this year. They are also running a 1-2-3 warranty on their new models. 1 year on the engine, 2 years on the gear box and 3 years on the new STX blades.
  8. Does anyone have info. or specs on the new Marcum VS 350 underwater camera? Looks like a 7 inch screen and priced to compete with the Aqua View Scout for $199.99. thanks
  9. I sent Vexilar and e-mail to see if they were coming out with any new products or updates for this winter. Here is the e-mail they sent me: There are no new additions or upgrades for this Fall or Winter except for the new Pro Pack II. The Pro Pack II has a larger handle that's stronger and sturdier. It also comes with a Vexilar tackle box. We also have a new color graph, the Edge 3. That's about it for new product coming out. Looks like they are not going to try and compete with Marcum this winter. I still love my Vex though.
  10. I just found out that Marcum will be coming out with a new flasher this year called the LX-5. They sent me this e-mail about the new features of the unit. "We have added a Dual Cone Transducer With 8 and 20 degree cone. We have increased the power to 2000 watts and added 6 more IR settings along with the most exciting change which is called true color. Our engineers have discovered a new lighting system that is far superior to any thing that has ever been on the market. The colors are now Yellow Red And Green. There also is a new feature called super fine line which enhances the entire range of view and separates the targets even more!" They should have pictures of it out on the web by mid-september. Now it makes sense why all the LX-3's are on sale right now.
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