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  1. Another one that I laugh about is when my buddy catches a small fish I tell him "That one still has milk on his lips yet".
  2. Soo many to list,heres a few: The Last Samuari Lord of The rings Trilogy Pulp Fiction White Chicks Liar Liar Blade Grumpy old Men @ Grumpier old Men Autin Powers movies Just to name a few.......... Oh yeah my all time favorite Rocketman with Harland Willams "Wasnt Me"!!!
  3. Anyone out there have any hilarious, had to be there fishing partner quotes that made you laugh uncontrollably? Here's mine ..... We were up fishing Ball lake on the English River system a month ago, and I caught this pike with a huge head and no body.....anyway I landed this beast and hauled it out of the water, and my fishig partner says "That fish has a head like a dodge truck" man did I laugh. I still laugh about it.......
  4. Sit at home and make replys to FM while sipping barley pops.....
  5. Came back last friday from a weeks stay.(June 30th thru July 7th) We stayed on North Indian Island. Did most of our fishing in Ball lake. Not much for big fish out of our group of 8. Largest was a 42" and a 40" pike, a lot of pike in the 36" to 30" all released. We found the walleyes to be mixed in with the pike. Were we have caught numbers of fish in the past there just was nothing happening in those locations. The water is low..... The cabbage weeds seemed to be just starting to grow in the bays. Hope this has helped......
  6. Just made a batch today, yummy!!! Pickled northern pike: 1 quart Clean fillets & remove skin and rib bones. "Y" bones can be left in, they will disolve. (Just the heaveier rib bones will not.) Cut fillets cross grain into 1" strips. Loosely pack pieces in a quart jar. Pour 1/4 cup pickling salt(!!! MUST BE PICKLEING SALT!!!!) into the jar & add enough white distilled vinegar to cover fish. Close jar & refrigerate 5 or 6 days. After the time in frig, remove the fish, drain, & rinse with water. Make a brine of: 3/4 cup suger 3/4 tbsp pickeling spice 1 1/4 cup white distilled vinegar Heat slowly until suger disolves & let cool. Pack fish in clean jar alternating levels with sliced onions. (Ive also put limes and lemons in the jar for a citrus splash.) Pour cooled brine over to cover. Close jar and refrigerate. Fish can be eaten the next day. Enjoy on crakers or plain.
  7. Will be heading there over the 4th o july week. Will be staying on north indian island. Was there in 2004 and the fishing was AWESOME. I caught the 4 largest pike of my life 41" , 40" , 38" & a 36 " all released to be caught again The last 3 were all caught within 15 minutes of each other. It took us longer to drive to the "walleye spot" than it did to catch dinner!!! The fishing is just unbeleivable even though it rained almost every day. The 6 days we were there the water came up a foot. Counting the days...................
  8. Ely area in May. English River in July. Gettin ready for the big PIKE! YEAH!
  9. I tell my 9 year old boy this when we go fishing: "Its called fishing not catching".
  10. JD9400T

    ice auger?

    Thanks for all your replies. Yeah the auger was brand new so it had new blades on it. Ill float him some of your ideas. I persomally have one of the original lazers and even after siting for 10 monthes it fires right up. Going on 10 years old. Thanks again.
  11. The largest horse power tractor Ive driven to date. 425 horses. giddy up.........
  12. JD9400T

    ice auger?

    Hi all, does anyone out there run a 10" lazer? Last year my buddy purchased one and it really seems to be under powered. Was wondering if anyone else seemed to of had problems or is his just a lemom? Thanks for any info.
  13. Just to add to the previous post I was in gander mountian the other day(adding to my collection of pike /muskie lures) and I was rooting aroud in the muskie section and could beleive the size of this monster bait, not sure the name of it but I positive it was 20 inches long!!! Man what are these guys useing for rods and reels telephone poles and a.t.v. wenches to reel these things in or what?!!! Just thinking about casting that big of a lure makes my arms ache. Jeez what are they gonna think of next.......
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