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  1. You are the biggest [badWordUsage] lier there is!
  2. The guy on the left needs to quit trying to look like Hugh Jackman.

    Best cat recipe

    What is the best cat recipe?
  4. She is not pointing, she is about to [PoorWordUsage]!
  5. I got my Brit from Bens Brittanys in Leroy Minnesota. He is out of Ike and Reba.
  6. You know a tail adds about 5 lbs to a dog.....
  7. Don't be mad at me if your dogs are overweight!
  8. I love my toy poodle Brit!
  9. Your dogs tail is musky bait!
  10. I estimate my Brit to be around 25 lbs full grown.
  11. If you like tails.....
  12. I cannot get over how great my Brittany is.... Thanks again Ben! I finally get to test him out this weekend!
  13. A Brittany is a great choice. You do have to do a little homework if until you find a reputable breeder. I went with Ben's Brittany's out of Leroy Minnesota! I cannot say enough good things about our brit! He is a gentle, mellow indoor family dog and is shaping up to be a great field hunter! Don't let gender fool you with this breed. Males or females are pretty much even when it comes to hunting / affection. My brit shows his effection to everyone in the family but is not overly affectionate. If you want a good family / field dog my vote is for a brit.
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