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  1. Alright I just got my tax returns back and I need something to spend it on!...actually I'v been wanting a tunneau cover for a while now, just haven't had the $$. As I said, I've been looking for a while now and haven't deteremined what's a "good" and "bad" cover. I have a 2000 GMC Sierra with a 6'6" box, right now I have the plastic side bed rail covers, and I know I want a velco roll-up cover NOT the "Seal-n-Peel" or a snap-on. So for those of you who have/had a cover, what's your preference?
  2. I was afraid someone would say that...I'm kind of crunched for money (in college) just like everyone else. Any idea of a price range for this?
  3. Just want to start out saying that I love this thread, it's been really helpful for me since I'm completely dumb when it comes to vehicles. With that said, I have a 2000 GMC Sierra Z71 with 13900 miles. I just bought it early this fall and never noticed anything wrong when it was warm out, but since it's been so cold out I've noticed a "clunk" sound when shifting from PARK to REV. Once it's warmed up though, there's no "clunk". Could it be the the U-joints or...?
  4. Hello, I'm a college student at SDSU and have always wanted to turkey hunt in SD. My question is, do you have to apply for SD-east river or west river-like in MN for a turkey license? If so, do I still have time to apply for this spring or did I miss the boat long ago? Thanks for the info!
  5. The other morning I went out to start my truck and let it warm up while I was scraping the layer of ice off all the windows. When I got back in, however, I looked up at my digital thermometer/ compass on the rearview mirror and the temperature read 51 degrees!...it was only about 20 degrees outside. So I turned off the whole cluster unit and then checked it again the next day, same problem. The compass portion works fine, but my thermometer is WAY off. Could it be something with all the freezing rain screwing up the temperature sensor outside? Where are the temp. sensors even located on this year of pick-up? Any help would be great, thanks.
  6. dan z...the body of water u were on wouldn't happen to start with "Her.." would it?
  7. Thanks for all the posts everyone. I just got off the phone with the dealer I bought the truck from, and had to "remind him" again what the problem was. The dealer told me that the best they could do was cover half the cost, then I really started to get angry. When I bought the truck he said the truck was a certified pre-owned vehicle and it went through a 35-point inspection, he also told me there was absolutely NOTHING wrong mechanically with the vehicle. I know it was my fault by simply taking his word, but when I took it for a drive I couldn't tell if anything was wrong (the gauge only reads inaccurately every few times you start it up). So, I told him they were gonna have to do better than cover half the cost of an approximately $200 part with labor! He then said he would try and get me a better price and possibly cover the entire cost. This made me feel a little better, but still told him to call me before ordering the part and immediately after he found out EXACTLY what I'd owe. My question is, do any of you feel I was too hard on the dealer or that I irrational? Thanks everyone...
  8. What a joke of a weekend for the Gophers...TWO nights in a row they let a 2-0 lead slip away. The 3rd goal tonight was just rediculous, if you have a $200 stick, USE THE STICK to hit the puck, not your skate (Fairchild)...you could tell Kangas was extremely frustrated with this one... Granted UMD has been playing well the last couple weeks, but the Gophers are definitely due...1st period was good, second was OK, but the game's 3 periods for a reason. Gotta shoot to score, right?
  9. I think that rack weighs more than my whole deer!! Awesome job!
  10. The truck still does it from time to time. I've noticed though that since my fuel level has gotten lower (1/4 tank now) I haven't noticed as much of a problem with the gauge. The dealer told me that it may go back to normal after the fuel level gets low enough, then it will be fine after that. I don't know how much truth there is to this (I'm not a mechanic by ANY means). Hopefully it will be alright...
  11. I just got a 2000 GMC Sierra 1500. Went to get in the truck the other morning and when I started it, the LOW FUEL messege popped up on the messege board but I know I had almost 3/4 of a tank left. I didn't think anything of it and after drving down the street the fuel gauge went back to normal. The next time I started the truck, it read FULL tank! Then I started driving and the same thing happened, it went back down to normal...Any ideas? I just got off the phone with the dealer that sold me the truck and he said sometimes the gauge will go crazy on that model of Sierra, at the extreme ends (full or empty) until you drive it a little. Can this be true?
  12. I saw an ad on HSO-Classifieds today and it's the same truck I've been eyeing on recent trips through the Willmar area. A local dealer in Willmar is selling a 2001 Chev. S-10 ZR2 and it looks really nice, but I'm a little concerned that it has 164,000 miles already. Anyone familiar with the 4.3L engines they have in these trucks? Under "typical" conditions, how long should the tranny be good for? Also, anyone know of problems with U-joints or anything like that which I should know about on the S-10's? The price seems pretty good, but I really know nothing as far as any pulling being done by the previous owner or anything like that. ANY help would be greatly appreciated...
  13. Do you have any pics? What is all included (bare canoe, rod holders, cushioned seats,etc.) I'm actually interested in buying a canoe right now so I'd like to know some more about your canoe if you're going to sell.
  14. Ok guys I've been looking at all the pictures of everybody with carp in open water already this season and I really want to try it. With that said, what do you guys use for bait? I've heard of using bone dust for chum or rotten meat, but what else is there (I'm kinda lacking in the rotten meat department right now). Other than that, I've got the big hooks and a heavy enough rod and some good spots to start fishing. Thanks for the help...
  15. Thanks guys for the help, I'm not really a "car guy" so as far as what kind of rim it is all I can say is it's a "premium rim"? on a 2000 Grand Am SE, I don't know if this will help a whole lot but that's all I got. Thanks again for the info everyone.
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