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  1. Anti PETA Guy

    New Aquarium

    What's the name of the store in Crystal and what kind of native fish do they sell? I've been able to keep a madtom alive for over a year....he's been roomin with my guppies!!
  2. Anti PETA Guy

    Tubby Smith Gophers coach!!!

    Didn't see that coming...but I will definately take it!!
  3. Anti PETA Guy

    Who will Maturi Hire for Gophers Mens Hoops Job?

    Official announcement at 4:00pm...WOW!!!!!!
  4. Anti PETA Guy

    Who will Maturi Hire for Gophers Mens Hoops Job?

    KFAN is reporting the Gophers have hired Sean Miller from Xavier.
  5. Anti PETA Guy

    Iverson to Denver

    Unfortunately, even with McHale gone, his bone head deals will be around. We're stuck will with Blount's and Hudson's big contracts til 2010 and Jaric's til 2011.
  6. Anti PETA Guy

    Sturgeon Excursion 2006 Highlights!!!

  7. Anti PETA Guy

    Childress shopping DC?

    Maybe Vikes should go after Kyle Orton....after all he did "LEAD" the Bears to an 8 game winning streak...ala Brad!!
  8. Anti PETA Guy

    Trade rumor

    Looks like we can forget about Artest...whew!! It's still unofficial, but Kings are trading Peja for Artest.
  9. Anti PETA Guy

    coach prospects

    Shooter from the Pioneer Press was saying Pete Carroll could be a candidate if the Trojans won a third national championship.
  10. Anti PETA Guy


    First of all I'd like to thank all the great posts on this catfish fourm. Boy...talk about information overload!! As the subject suggests, I am a newbie on cats. So far, the biggest cat, a channel, I've landed has been around 11 lbs. I've had about 15 lb on my line that got away, saw him take my bait, and ever since then been hooked. My quest is to catch that monster cat that many of you have posted the picture of. My question, to you "experts" is, do cats bite in the fall? and how far into the year wiil they bite? Finally, what will they bite on as the weather gets cooler? Thanks!!