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  1. Whoa RU a tool ?...Yes U R sir, O boy Yessss U R! Bet you made that trip a blast with your biotch rant and rave.
  2. If there's one located near you, take it through a self serve car wash. Loosen up the dirt with a firm bristle broom or brush and powerwash w clear rinse water (hot if possible). Works pretty well and other than the cost (no more than a few bucks in quarters)it's less hassle than trying to do it in your garage or driveway. Do not use soap! Finally, as soon as weather allows, let your rig sit in the sun to fully dry out your carpet.
  3. No boat made by man is a match for an angry sea.
  4. How do you actually expect people here on this forum to respond to your question about how far you can push your particular boat in big water? You know there's no definitive answer to that question so why'd you ask? Furthermore, your comments tell me that you're only using this thread and discussion forum as a way to show off what a Reckless Boater / Yeee Haa! cowboy you happily think you are. I'm not amused or impressed. Anyway, how's this for an answer to your question? You'll know for sure that you've run your boat to hard when something happens and you and your passengers find yourselves trying to survive in those same rough seas you believe are so much fun to play and curl your hair in. I'm certainly glad to hear you and your passengers wear your pfds and I sincerely hope the waters not cold and you have time to get off a mayday that somebody can hear. That should be a fun time huh?
  5. As ole Al Lindner always used to say in that famous Chicago, Minnesota accent of his… Eye bin fi-chen a Lun-deh fer ter-dee years. Fer qwa-li-teee an der-a-bill-i-teee. Lun-Deh. Ther is no sub-stee-tooot. Stizo
  6. Had a buddy who bought a sparkling clean 87 Smokercraft with a 35 hp merc 3 years ago for what seemed to be a good deal at $3500. The boat ran great while on muffs in the driveway but had low pee flow on the water and evenually the overheat alarm began to sound intermitently. He tried to drop the lower unit to change the impeller (it did drop an inch or so) but it was frozen and couldn't be lowered (even by pounding on it)further. So he then took it to a qualified marine shop who wasn't able to remove it either. A second opinion at another shop= same result. Motor ran like a champ except for this problem and I don't recall exactly what the problem was but he ended up having to drop anoher $ 1500 for another used engine that does't run as good. I'm prety sure this was a rare occurence and given that you're buying from your uncle you probably need not worry. Even so, I would get the impeller changed before completing the purchase. Good luck, Stizo
  7. Boilerguy, You may not be worried about theft now but your opinion will change after you've had your electronic$ stolen! It only takes you a few seconds to disconnect the unit from its cables and mounts and it only takes a thief the same amount of time. Check E Bay, you'll see bunches of expensive head units for sale without a transducer or GPS Receiver module. Why take the chance? Stizo
  8. Jon, I do believe the genetics and behavior of the parents of the imported fish are passed on to same. I believe I saw on the Vermilion forum from early spring that a great deal of the stripped eggs from the Pike River hatchery were and have been going to Red Lake to rebuild the walleye population there. It also said they chose Vermilion walleye because they were most similar genetics wise. If that's the case, you've got some wiley wally critters on your hands. Maybe it's because their moms and pops were constanly being harassed by huge Musky and it got imprinted on their survival gene...who knows. Vermilion is so large and has such diversity in its forage base , structure, cover, habitat etc... that it seems like the walleye on that lake can be anywhere at any given time (including suspended) and at the same time also. They're very adaptable. A few things are certain, Vermilion walleye aren't always in the traditional places you would think they should be, catching them can be a puzzle and they usually don't nite bite well if at all. If this sounds like your new crew, the apples didn't fall far from the tree. Stizo PS This genetics / behavior thing would probably be a good question for the Mn DNR. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say. Should we forward?
  9. Has anyone ever seen a bluegill like this ? is it a hybrid? It sure was beautiful and it was released. http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z99/Stizo_photos/Blueandpinkbluegill.jpg?t=1184518889[/image]
  10. Although GPS accuracy is greatly improved, many believe they can drop a smart bomb down a toilet stack like the miliary. Not so! Positional error ( the variance that occurs depending upon how many satelites you have a fix on and the strength of those fixs ) can be 9 feet or 60 yards and more. Trying to use your GPS and map card to pinpoint and stay on a spot like a marker is a long shot at best. Best bet is to use it to locate the structure then search with your depthfinder to find the structure and fish. When you do, drop a marker or two and fish. Additionally, due to he ever changing positional error issue, those who place blind faith in zoomed in plot trails to safely navigate are asking for trouble too. When I first got my LMS 480, I was trying to beat a storm coming in and was exactly back tracking and following a zoomed in plot trail ( going out I was never in water shallower than 20 feet deep) back in. Clipped an unmarked rock pile at 25 mph and my skeg ended up looking like Grandmas teeth. Coulda been alot worse. Lesson learned. Be careful! Stizo
  11. Stizo... is short for Stizostedium Vitreum...the scientific (maybe latin) name for walleye. Stizo
  12. Sarsfan, It's just my opinion and I hope you wont be offended,but there are whole bunches of nicer and much newer gems out there for $9,200. I realize you need the $ and that this boat may be worth that much to you (we all feel that way about our rigs) but the season is almost over and many will be looking to sell. If you want to move this boat, your going to have to set your price at a much more realistic level for this soon to be 20 year old boat. Pictures would help also. Good luck Stizo
  13. Valv, Just a suggestion, you might want to contact Danfall ( see previous post this forum)who is trying to sell a rehabbed 14 lund w no motor. Stizo P.S. Thanks for your reply on my Navionics chip problem.
  14. Dan, Suggestion...invest 4-5 hundred in a decent used 15-20 hp outboard and you'll easily and quickly get 2 grand for your rig. Stizo
  15. When we're out and the water gets rough my good buddy Jim starts humming the tune from Gordon Lightfoots song "Wreck of the Edmund Fitgerald". When the waves top 3 footers he starts singing the lyrics (knows em all)and sings like a pirate would...Arrrrghhhh the captain wired in he had water comin in and the good ship and crew was in peril aaaaarrrrrrgghhhhha and saying stuff like Would your GPS have coordinates for Whitefish Bay laddy?? or Where is our last string of crab pots or does the coast guard have a station nearby? do they maintain thier helicopters? Will they save a drunken Russian who sings badly? How many watertight bulkheads do they put in Lunds these days? I never got to say goodbye to my wife and kids...Oh wait...I dont have a wife and kids...and on and on. Pretty funny stuff...Jimmy's a stich and he can get ya laughing so hard your sides will ache. Stizo
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