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  1. Great post RK! I'll definitely consider one! Fishin'
  2. Hey thanks guys for the input! I probably would be better off with a multi species boat but a bass boat just has that appeal......especially with all the bass fishing I do as compared to the other species in recent years. RK, I've considered the Tundra, even got the video from Tracker about them. Are they that good of a ride in rough water? How about compared to a deep hulled glass like a Ranger or a Warrior (which is now making bass boats)?
  3. Went out the Saturday right before Christmas just to call at a "possible" hunting spot and work on my calling confidence. It was last minute, I was a ways from home.....(no gun with me)........DUMB, DUMB, DUMB! Howled a few times, added some cottontail and jack rabbit distress...5 minutes later had a coyote close to within 100 yards. Confidence went WAY up but unfortunately an opportunity was missed. Went out last Friday morning to the same spot, setting up using the wind in our favor. I used the same calls as the previous weekend. Called one in and my buddy shot it. 70 yards and it was mangy. Confidence in my calling is now VERY high! Question: If you guys are after both fox and coyote, do you howl? I'm confident that is what got these coyotes to commit but am I ruining a good fox opportunity? Thanks in advance! fishin'
  4. fishinNhuntin

    Mille Lacs

    Anybody pursue smallies on the Big Pond, and if so do your bass boats handle it very well? The reason I ask is that I keep pondering purchasing a bass boat over a deeper model. I'm using Mille Lacs as a benchmark because I pursue Muskies on it occassionally and I want to chase smallies there as well. I've fished out of a bass boat ONCE in my life and find myself fishing for bass most of the time these days. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance! fishin'
  5. "Bottom line i need answered is do u move it up forward or backward if im hitting low." To answer directly "MOVE IT UP" (or forward) Try this: Hold the end of barrel of the gun against the wall looking through your sights like you were aiming. imagine the back sight moving up. Could you see the front sight if it did? You shouldn't be able to because it would block your sight plane to the front sight. Leaving the front sight in place against the wall, which way would you have to move the butt of the gun to see the front sight again? Down of course and that causes you to shoot UP which is where you need to go. fishin
  6. T/C Gorilla Grease. It's purple colored and it's Non-Petroleum based which is I guess what you should try to use.
  7. I hear what you're saying, but to me that would open up a whole bunch of problems. Here's the scenario I see: I could get my wife, sister, brother, dad or whoever that may not hunt, add them to my hunting party, shoot bucks on all those licenses myself, and they can be at home not stepping foot in the woods. No good. My hunting party has this rule: Shoot what you want for your tag. You can fill my tag with a buck that's going "On the wall" ONLY! This rule, plus all the bonus tags available these days keeps our entire party hunting all season long. fishin
  8. I have had success calling in bucks with the "can" but not does. Like anything, it works at times....but not all the time. I have had minimal success with rattling, descent success with grunting, but the "can" has done the best for me. The "can" has not spooked deer for me either.....to my knowledge. fishin'
  9. Years ago a friend of mine's dad had almost the same thing happen. He was in the nature of using his finger to help guide the arrow back throughout his draw (old style flipper rest). Worked great for practice, but when he hunted he used the jersey style gloves with the rubber "gripper" dots all over the palm and fingers. Gripped the arrow great when he drew back! Plucked the arrow off the string and it fell to the ground bouncing off his metal stand. Ahh the memories!
  10. Actually, if you're on at 50 yards, depending on the slug you're using, you may still be on at 100 yards. At 50 yards the slug could be still rising from out of the barrel. Win. Part. Golds 1900 fps., Fed Prem. Sabot 15xx fps. Huge difference! Shoot the slug that patterns best from your gun (which may be a healthy investment in slugs at first). Then, once you know which slug to use, the only way to tell how they perform at various ranges is to shoot at those ranges. Probably no help to you at this point but get out there and shoot some....to me it's the only way to find out. I took the same road you're on when I started slug hunting some 18 years ago, but now I don't have any doubts in the field as to where the slug is going to be hitting..the Mmmmmisses come from my screwup, not the guns. It's fun to slug hunt so have a great time and best of luck. fishin'
  11. fishinNhuntin

    New hunter

    BobT, Great story! A combined effort, father/daughter, on her first deer. You probably couldn't have predicted as much excitement as what you got out of the weekend, even just the first day alone. She's going back next weekend ...... she's hooked! I've heard stories from different people this year about taking their kids out for the first time...all of them came back positive, just like yours, and that was great to hear! Best of luck to you both next weekend! fishin'
  12. Sorry to hear that.....I've been there. My brother and I a few years back were set up just like you in a concentrated area on public land. We thought getting out there early would GUARANTEE us the spot and in turn a big buck or two. It seemed like just minutes before legal shooting the woods was a moving sea of orange and guys started coming in from all over. I could see three guys from my stand my brother had a guy set up 50 yards from him. They have as much right to that spot as I do was their thinking....and they do. Ethicly I think it sucks but it's the nature of the beast. We decided to pack up, move until we didn't see another hunter, and then set up. Talk about ruining an opening morning. We had to move back into the area quite a ways but we found an area without other hunters around, lots of fresh deer sign very THICK cover. (the area we originally set up in was fairly open). We got set up about noon or so. I shot a buck at 12:30 and my brother got his the next morning. From talking with some of the other hunters in the area the deer hunting SUCKED....we just smiled. That was about four seasons ago. Since that time I've hunted elsewhere but my brother hunts there every year. He's gotten at least one buck a year and has seen no other hunters since. Can't say this would happen to everybody, but try to stay focused next time and try "scouting the hunters". Make something good out of a bad situation. Hope this help! fishin'
  13. fishinNhuntin

    New hunter

    Well?....How did it go? I'm anxious to hear! :
  14. I've seen plenty of deer bowhunting lately, almost every time out, but no bucks. Obviously with all the fawns I see with the does the bucks are there...somewhere. This thread seems to indicate that the rut sign should be out there, but I'm seeing nothing, no rubs or scrapes. So here's a theory I've been pondering in my head as of late: I think the buck:doe ratio is really screwed up in the area I hunt. So bad that the bucks don't need to do all these things to establish a breeding dominance....there's plenty of does to go around. Any thoughts? fishin'
  15. fishinNhuntin

    New hunter

    Great topic! Everything said so far has been great advice. My dad growing up put scoops of sand in his boat so I could play with my trucks while we fished for walleyes on Mille Lacs. He let me fill his doe permit during a year when they were "scarce" to get. (My first deer!) Lots of pressure these days to shoot only BIG BUCKS, sit out all day no matter how cold, mom or dad drops you off at your stand in the morning and picks you up at the end of the day...."Now sit here and DON'T MOVE!" Like what was stated previous, relax and don't fall to those pressures of a BIG HUNT....their 12. They have their whole hunting career ahead to put those pressures on themselves, they sure don't want them from anyone else. Everybody that has replied up to now sounds like a great dad themselves or grew up with one and that's great to see. I'm gonna get some flack for what I'm about to say but here goes: MY perception these past few years is that we're concerned about the future of our hunting heritage in this country yet moms and dad's are so wrapped up in their hunts that the kids don't always have an enjoyable experience and lose interest in a hurry....so we solve this by creating "Youth Hunts" (Which I'm against by the way). Ban the parents from focusing on themselves so they can focus on the kids. How about a little sacrifice on the parents part and share the experience together as a parent should do. OK, off my "soapbox". Well stated earlier that you may have to sacrifice a year or two of "your" hunting for your daughter.....the payback will be GREAT....even if they decide that hunting isn't their gig. I have a 1 year old son and I'm jealous of you right now! My anticipation of hunting with him in the future is great! Have a great hunt! fishin'
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