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  1. Not sure the exact year but "IN FISHERMAN"was sold to PRimedia(Stange still with infisherman) in 1998 or so.I think Ron&Al have published 10 books and uncountable publications over the years.Fishing info giants for sure!!!!!!!!!!!c63
  2. Go with lighter drag/line with thin small hooks.I guess it depends on what your fishing for.I seem to remember having a batch of lindy ice jigs that the hooks would break.I like the small lindy toads(older 1st models with protruding eyes)for walleyes.With 6 lb you have to be careful with drag or you will/can break the hook off.Good luck catchin!c63
  3. What size holes did u start with?You can get a giant fish through a 4 inch hole if your careful!c63
  4. Were you alone?Looks like just one hole in the popup.Gopro with the Tripod?Good shoots by the way!!!Looking forward to more video from you!c63
  5. D,thats the makings of a movie there..............you could call it voyage to the center of a cat.....ah maybe not...... cool pics........its strange but something about droping a lens down brings some nice fish in to come and investigate!c63
  6. Won't a fat guy float better than a skinny one?Seems he'll have more insulation if and when he can get himself back on the ice sheet.Just wait till it gets thicker than 3 inches!c63
  7. Use a set of old car points for the switch then u can use a rattle reel or favorite rod/reel combo.Simply run your fishing line holding the points open.When a fish takes the bait it triggers the points to make connection and the circuit is complete.Wake up over there and set the hook on that bugger!Happy catchin!c63
  8. I have been told by several people to NOT fog fuel injection outboards.Is this true or not?Also regular motor oil or synthetic for 4stroke EFI mercury?c63
  9. I had a hard time trying to auger some holes in the dirt under my house on shore but the gray squirrels sure were biting!c63
  10. One thing to note.............if you do have a lower seal that is leaking you could get water in your lower unit so for that reason change lower unit before freeze up.c63
  11. I wanted to say depending on the day the fish will slam the rap and then other days,(sometimes next minute)the fish will just lip the rap.Change up pitches arent just for baseball!!!c63
  12. Check out some data from these:National invasive species information center,NISBase an international nonindienious species database network,U.s. geological survey nonindigenious aquatic species.There are many opinions that invasive species will and do harm to new invironments they enter to what extent is yet to be seen.c63
  13. Igor,do some more looking.Try NOAA research site and read about zebras in the great lakes.It takes awhile for the evidence to see the dangers/negative effects they can have on an ecosystem.They(zebra mussles)do upset the food chain by filtering(eating) organisms that native species rely on.The water clarity can be increased but at a point this too can be negative do to increased(unwanted) harmful algae blooms.Time will tell what the final effects are going to be.I think each ecosystem will be effected by these nonnative invations but it's too early to tell on most Minnesota lakes and rivers.(about zebras and quagga mussles,anyway)Explain to me how you think these mussles will be beneficial to our lakes and/or rivers?c63
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