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  1. Why not purchase a freeze alarm with the call out alarm along with a long distance card? I did this for a few years before my carrier offered free long distance. The freeze alarm allows you to enter the code from the card so no long distance charges other than the cost of the card. If you purchase the $100 model you can call the number any time and it will tell you the current temperature. I have since installed a programmable thermostat and programed so that the cabin is warm by my anticipated return.
  2. I removed my 20 X 40 inground with a 10 foot concrete deck around entire pool area about 10 years ago. I got qoutes from three excavators for removal of concrete and fill the hole to grade. The quotes at that time were in the $3000 range. The excavator was looking for work and I talked him into doing it for $2000. He hauled out over 12 large dump trucks full of concrete and I lost count the number of loads of fill that were hauled in to fill the hole. I can't remember if it was a two or three day job with 2 guys running dump trucks one in a large JD backhoe and one loading the dumps with fill. I am happy I decided to contract out the job.
  3. Anyone know if there is a conversion plate manufactured to convert Polaris rims to fit a Suzuki King quad?
  4. Rent a floor buffer with a carbide tipped wheel. Be careful of any cracks in the concrete as this will send the buffer and YOU flying.
  5. I had intermitent problems similar to this and would only happen occasionally. It took a good month to figure it out and was a very simple fix. I had a small spider web with a small piece of a leaf smaller then a button that was attached to the door so I could never find anything between the sensors when the door would reverse. After removing it hasn't missed a beat. Good luck!
  6. How about an earth anchor? Purchase one that is about three to four feet long with at least an eight to ten inch auger. You will not pull this out. Screw it in so the top loop is flush with the surface so you can mow over without hitting with the blades.
  7. I am waiting for payment, if I don't hear from him by the end of the week I will let you know. I am coming through the Brainerd area late Friday I will bring it along if you are interested and not yet sold.
  8. I have issues with the Certainteed shingles, they have been on the house for about six years and look like they are thirty years old. I have contacted them and sent them samples and are willing to give a whole $407 for 47 square. I would never again purchase a product from them.
  9. Winter won't last forever and this is just what you need to utilize the back of your SUV or pickup/topper when camping.
  10. I have sent pictures and web site info did you receive the information you needed? I would think this would work well with a full size pick up with a topper as well.
  11. NEW never used full size "Napier Sportz" brand SUV tent. Paid over $200 for this a couple years ago and never used it. 10' X 10' X 8' High sleeps 6 +. This unit can be used alone or attached to a full size SUV. Willing to sell for $100.
  12. I have not done this my self but have helped a heating guy install anti freeze in my system. So I will try to sum it up as best I can; I know Menards carries the product you need, it costs around $50 - $60 for a 5 gallon container. It has a scale on the pail as to how much is needed depending on the diameter and length of piping in your system. If you just have water in the system now I would just open the drain on the bottom of the boiler and drain out as much as the system will dump. Look at the chart on the pail it will tell you the percentage of material that is needed to protect the pipes from bursting. So what I am trying to say is if you have 10 gallons in your system and are able to drain only 5 you could then add the full 5 gallons from the pail to achieve a 50% mixture. Find your self a small pump either a hand or an electric will work. You will need three short sections of garden hose. Connect one to the suction end of the pump dropping the other end into the 5 gallon pail of antifreeze. Connect another short hose to the pressure side of the pump and the other end to the botom of the boiler drain leaving the valve open. Connect another hose to the hydrant near the zone valve and the other end drains back into your 5 gallon pail of antifreeze. Start the pump watch the pressure gauge. As soon as pressure begins to build open up the zone valve to allow the antifreeze to begin circulating. This process allows the you to drive as much air out while filling the system. Keep the pump running to drive as much of the air out as possible. Close both valves and remove the pump and hoses. Start the boiler and run for a period of time while opening some of the bleeders to remove any excess air. You may have to repeat this process again as there wil be more air that will be driven off by the heating of the fresh water and antifreeze that was added. Hope this helps and I haven't made you more confused.
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