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  1. The auger is in Big Lake, MN. But I work up in the Detroit Lakes area, travel to the cities on the weekend, etc. I get around a good chunk of the state quite often. Thanks, Eric
  2. I know I will be passing through that area in a couple weeks heading for S.D. on a Friday and back on Saturday. Just a thought.... Eric
  3. I have used this auger very little but my buddy has the same auger that we brought to Red lake a while back and drilled a dozen holes through 2 feet of ice without charging. Guess you could say that would be at least 24 holes in 12" of ice. I think they were saying 20-30 holes through 12" of ice when I bought the auger. I would say that is fairly accurate based on my experience. One thing that I think that helps is my buddy and I ALWAYS remove the battery from the auger if leaving it outside and bring battery in the house. Helps save battery life and is easy to remove. Eric
  4. I will work on getting some pictures taken and posted when I get home tomorrow night (Out of town). Otherwise check strikemaster HSOforum. Same exact auger as on there. Thanks, Eric
  5. yes, the 12 volt battery is inside the auger. (Similar to a vexlar battery) It is the exact same auger strikemaster sells today. Eric
  6. 8" Strikemaster Electra Lazer 12,000 model. This is the same model they sell new today with battery and cables. Bought this last year and used twice (6 hole house moved once) Total of 12 holes drilled with it! Awesome auger but the house was sold. I just don't use it without the big house. $300.00 Eric 763-498-1795 Save almost $100 bucks on a almost new auger! I travel much of Minnesota and could possibly deliver.
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