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  1. Walleye 101, just like the other forums, posts, etc. I don't appreciate continual sarcasm or taunts either. I will not attempt to address broad challenges on "educating" people. This is almost getting sickening dealing with you, but I'll type it again... I highly recommend all trappers, hunters, and dog owners to take a trapper education course. It is not just to learn to be a better trapper, but to understand trapping and what one can encounter when on public land or relatively open access private land. If you don't think (some)people on this site are bashing trapping, blaming trappers for all dog deaths due to lack of ownership responsibility, or could care less if another body grip was ever legally used again, then you are walking around with blinders on... If a guy who trapped until he was 16 (twenty years ago) can help address individual questions about trapping, then by all means fire away. If your just trying to get me fired up and argue, then just unplug your keyboard...
  2. If your dogs are running through the fence on the second day then you are not training them properly. Just read the directions for one. I have had dogs take to the fence by the second or third day, but I don't leave them unsupervised for at least a week or until I am sure they know the boundaries and consequences. If you suspect you have a bullheaded dog who will try to "grin and bear it", then I highly recommend a SportDog Fence since they are great and allow for variable intensity as well as give the dog an advanced vibration warning before the correction. I believe they give an audible tone as well. My GSP's never had a problem with the PetSafe units and I have installed and used them at four locations on three different dogs with good results. My dad had issues with his two year old lunkhead of a lab with his though. We used the same existing buried wire with a new SportDog Fence unit and have had no problems at all since. If you guys have any questions let me know... [Note from admin: Edited. Please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.]
  3. gorrilla


    Like I eluded to in my original post, I do enjoy BSing w/ buddies about the hunts and sure a fair amount of razzing and bragging takes place. I just hate to see hunting(or fishing for that matter) turned into a situation for someone to take the sport and turn it into a competition for competition's sake. This IMO is often due to false pride issues and insecurities. I just want to see people remembering to respect the animals and hunting partners involved. When guys on TV start rushing against the clock to "win" a contest for money or prizes at the birds expense, or "professional" hunters promote their ability to kill the biggest or best animals and lose focus on the quality of hunt or methods used to harvest these beautiful trophies, thats when I think our sport is hurt the most. If I'm offending anyone, or my comments are hitting too close to home, well...
  4. Johnny(buddy...) and 101, You guys must think I'm sitting here with high blood pressure slapping keys with steam coming out of my ears... For the record, I used to trap when I was younger and had more time, I own a shorthair who loves to work the extremes as far as range goes, and often have much better things to do than type on here, believe it or not. I just get really sick of one sided discussions on this site where dog owners or other people only look at things from their perspective. Nobody wants to lose a dog to a trap ever. The responsibility of that never happening isn't just on the trapper though. Do many trappers need better education on how, when, and where to make a body grip set? I'm sure... Do dog owners need to be aware of how, when, and where they might encounter a body grip set? Yes... Is it much easier for people to start restricting use of certain traps than to bother educating dog owners and trappers???? In some narrow-minded viewpoints, seemingly so... Is the taking away of trappers use of effective trapping tools infringing on their right/ability to trap??? Yes. Just because land is public does it mean it is for the sole use of dog owners and it must be kept free of all hazards to dogs 12 months a year??? Some must think this... Is there a better way to prevent/reduce dog deaths while allowing trapping to take place effectively??? YES, its just all too common for dog owners (even outdoorsmen) to shoot themselves in the foot by infringing on other sportsmen's sports and opt to restrict and limit rather than exert the extra effort needed to educate everyone involved. I can see I'm outnumbered on this topic by people who disagree with me, but that doesn't make your viewpoints the right or only one available...
  5. gorrilla


    What ever happened to the good old days when a guy just went out hunting to enjoy the whole experience, not to show his buddies he's the best, or win a prize. To me it was never taught to be something like that. Sure it can be fun to razz your buddies if you do better than them one year or another. Its just that I don't get everything having to be a contest or competition when it comes to hunting. Especially if its outside your friends and hunting buddies. Competing against strangers just seems insecure to me. If a persons guage for success is the beard length, spur length, horn measurements, etc. then I think they are missing the point. I don't think there is anything wrong with waiting for something you consider a trophy, or appreciating a heavy bird or high scoring buck. Its just that it seems to me that to many young hunters are almost ashamed of taking an average specimen these days. The one that makes me puke is when the outdoor channel has the competition bird hunters on. They literally run around a field in front of a camera and stopwatch getting awarded points for how many planted birds they can kill quickly. What kind of (Contact Us Please) allows that crud on TV. If any thing misses the point and gives us a bad name its that stupid show!!
  6. I think more of us guys from the Pequot area need to head "down south" to the Sartel area and go rip up their county...
  7. gorrilla

    Deer Ticks!!

    I was referring to the series the dogs get. Mine was only on his first of two, and contracted it. He wasn't able to get up in the morning and just whined. Our vet gave him a shot similar to arthritis treatment and that helped, but after only two days of antibiotics he was back to normal.
  8. gorrilla

    Deer Ticks!!

    When I move up north of Brainerd 3 years ago, I've had deer ticks so early the snow was still on the logging roads and as late as two weeks of hard frosts. If the temps are above 40 its possible if not probably up here. My GSP has even had Lymes already, despite being on the vaccine. The only break we've had is at the end of last summer through the fall they were seemingly nonexistant in the woods, I have to assume because of extremely hot and dry conditions.
  9. They can just lick the TB and CWD off the edges of those...
  10. My previous post was incorrect due to reading the snaring rules incorrectly. Sorry for getting all whipped up again... I just hate decent trappers getting all the blame in these situations. According to page 53 of this year's regs, only submerged water sets are legal in the Farmland zone. From December 1 to March 31 though, snares can be set on land there except on public land, road rights of way, or in fence lines along road rights of way. So if someone is getting their dog caught in snares, why aren't they communicating with the landowner and hearing there is a trapper allowed on the land as well. Often times its someone who has a dog that isn't supervised or a hound that is on property they don't have permission on. Legal trappers aren't the problems, its (CONTACT ADMIN PLEASE) like usual. Funny how everyone jumps to blame the trappers first though. All you guys are doing is ruining the credibility of ALL outdoor sports... Just because someone in orange shoots a cow during November, should we say all hunters are too blame? Obviously its just the dumb poacher who did the act right.?.? Why drag down all the good sportsmen along the way? Edited by gorrilla (04/20/07 07:15 PM)
  11. I took my buddy (and his brother and my other buddy) out to try and get his first turkey ever. We hunt 442 and are lucky enough to have good land to hunt. Very similar to brittman, we heard several at sunrise, but none came to our blinds and dekes so we started runnin n gunnin (with four guys!). They were having so much fun we had to sshhh each other once in awhile. We had a bird flush from a tree we walked under twice too at about 8:00. I'm also thinking its because it was cold. After that we had a couple of hot responses we closed the distance on and after setting up and calling we realized it was across the river and not getting closer. Oh well, we went back to the truck and headed two miles down the riverbottom to the next spot and as soon as we set foot in the woods we were answered by gobbles in a lower field. We set up just inside the woods on the connected upper field. Five jakes approached us with four within twenty yards. My buddy rolled one and high fives for all... The funny thing is on the way back to the truck we spotted a huge tom 100 yards from the truck and after getting him to gobble several times we wondered why he wasn't running because we weren't all that well hidden. After looking him over in the binocs we noticed lots of white on his rump in front of his fan. We then figured it had some tame blood in it. It sure would've been a neat mount though. On the way back to camp (4 miles) we saw 10 toms in one group feeding, strutting, and fighting out in a picked cornfield.
  12. I see you are from Minnetrista. It simply comes down to water quality and clarity. If you are dealing with algae blooms, tannic stained, or muddy water, forget it. But it you try them out up here in "God's country" on a clear lake, you'll have a blast. The cool thing about algal blooms is they usually clear out with winter water temps and ice fishing with a camera is even possible in southern farm country.
  13. this homemade thing is going to remain under wraps. It has a disk, a curved chisel-like blade, a wire tube, spool holder, weight hanger, etc. Its solid and has been used to install roughly 25 fences over the last couple years. Other than that, I think my friend would like to keep it on a need-to-know basis.
  14. kooba, I have a pet safe brand myself and have had no issues at all. My buddy and dad both have the Sportdog and think its the best ever. I have to agree. It has a collar with variable intensity and a nice control unit which show if the signal isn't working. I believe you can buy the Petsafe for around $100+ and the Sportdog for $199. My friend made a great pull behind machine for installing fences. It works behind garden tractors or atv's. It cuts the ground, installs the line at the proper depth, and closes it up right behind. Slick as a whistle... I installed six fences for friends and family last year.
  15. I haven't trapped for years so excuse my lack of clarity on this one, but I thought that land snares weren't legal in the the Southern MN trapping zone... Only the north. If I'm wrong, let me know and quote the pages of the rules to clarify...
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