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  1. I read about (on another site) someone who "improved" the big buddy safety features, and then had the propane dump and start a fire on the floor of his shack. Luckily he was able to shut off the 20# tank he had it hooked up to and didn't get any more damage than a slightly melted sled floor.
  2. Using my BidBuddy heater, I can fish in my Eskimo lodge wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. I still wear the pac boots so my feet don't get cold, but the heater on low will keep me toasty warm.
  3. This year has been more. I've been out of work since October, so I've been able to get out 2-3 times a week for 4-5 hours per trip. Last year I only made it out 6 times the whole season, and the year before that was at least once a week for a 10-12 hour trip. It all depends on my job and client situation.
  4. I have an Eskimo Lodge - suit case type (If your suit case folds open to 10 ft x 10 ft. I love it for the grand kids, ages 2 and 6, because of the full floor and the hinged hole covers. But I hate it for the pull. I built a sled for it out of PVC and plywood, but it is still REALLY heavy to pull around.
  5. I have the original H2O and wish I had spent the extra $$ on the color version.
  6. Not a fish, but my grandsons' fishing experience. We set up the Eskimo lodge, run the cable from the power converter in the truck and watch a little Tom & Jerry durring the lunch break. and one fish - just to get the Mrs. her recognition!
  7. Anything new with the melt and drizzle from yesterday? I was out from 3-8 on Carls and when I left there was 1-2 inches of standing water (and slush where there was still snow) over most of the lake.
  8. Coleman makes a battery powered ceiling fan for tents that doesn't work too bad. The only problem I found with mine is that it runs through the d-cell batteries like there's no tomorrow.
  9. I buy open water in february and all year long. I can't go into gander, cabela's, or fleet farm without getting some type of fishing equipment. My wife now frowns if I even mention going to any of those locations on escorted.
  10. I started using a bait caster last summer. (The wife and kids gave it to me for fathers day). I still haven't gotten the hang of casting without rats nests, but I do love it for trolling. On the river near little falls last 4th of July the smallies we biting and the rod got a FANTASTIC workout.
  11. I'm heading to Ixtapa, Mexico in a couple of weeks and hope to take care of some of my open water jones then.
  12. What about Black Label and Maeter Brew, I remember getting them for 4.50 a case and getting 75 cents back on the returnable bottles. I didn't want to be the one down wind, but it wasn't always bad beer.
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