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  1. There is a flock of birds that hangs out on the West side of 694 just before you hit Hwy 61 and the river while heading South. You can ususally catch them a couple of mornings a week. Even though you can only see them as you are zipping past, it is strange to watch the dynamics because sometimes it is just the hen, other days they are all mixed and at other times the hens are in one place on the hill and the toms are on another part. Just like a batch of jr. high schoolers. Anyway, I have seen some fans in the air in December and January when the sun is out. Talk about tourture. The season just can't come fast enough!!!!
  2. Well, I am sorry to report that in spite of 11 hours on the water, we failed to connect with the elusive muskie. It was a beautiful Fall day on the water however and we certainly had a good time trying. Water temps ranged from 46 - 48 and the wind varied all day. Air temp was 22 as we launched but warmed into the 50's later in the afternoon. We connected with a few smaller pike and several good size LM bass. We were catching them on larger bucktails and believers, so they were very aggressive (and ambitious). I have the feeling that if we had been targeting the bass, it would have been a banner day. Thanks again to everyone who responded to this thread. It was a great help. If anyone wants more specific information on where we fished or conditions, Drop me a line.
  3. Upnorthtmh - Thanks for the suggestions. With the time of year, I think they key will be to search out some green vegetation in the area you guys are pointing out. I just hope we are not there as the lake is turning. As I said before, all of the help is greatly appreciated. I'll share the results.
  4. Thanks Cooter - That is a great help. I will be sure to post some results (and hopefully pictures) once we have wet a line.
  5. I will be joining a friend on Wapo in Mid-October and would love to put him on a muskie. I know nothing about the lake other than a map and a class C (Present) rating. Anyone care to share some thoughts? Looking for General locations, techniques, or the ever popular fish stories. Any guidance is appreciated.
  6. I have never been very trend-right. On a trip one of my friends pointed out that a scarecrow in the field was better dressed than I was... The situation has improved only slightly as I have "grown up"
  7. Nice job pulling up the facts! I had a set of the deer (AA) and now have the loon on both vehicles. The way I see it, this is one of the few programs where I know exactly where the money is going AND I can enjoy the benefits of its usage. I find it ironic that some people pay the extra money for the plates because they are prettier than the standard issue, while some sportsmen have chosen to avoid it because of what they have heard or think might be the case. The information is out there and accessable. On issues that hit close to home take the time to educate yourself and make the best decision for yourself. OK, I am off my soapbox now.
  8. As you might expect, more fish=more work. With 3 fish (see above) I vaccuum the droppings off the bottom about once a month and let the pliecostomus take care of any algae. Replace the water I removed and that is about it. Pretty balanced tank after all these years. By the way, you can really impact the growth of the native fish by how often you change the water. The way I understand it, the fish give off a chemical that inhibits growth when it reaches a certain concentration. If you are changing the water regularly, the levels never really hit the critical point and the fish keeps growing (assuming food and other conditions are good). A good way to manage the size and also keep fish from outgrowing their tank.
  9. I have a 55 gal bowfront set up with a river theme. Driftwood, gravel, rocks, clamshells, and a couple of grolsch beer bottles. The residents for the past three years are a longnose gar and a shovelhead cat. A XL pleicostamous (sp?) keeps the algae down. I drop in a dozen feeder goldfish every week and they usually last about a day. The gar is fun to watch eat because it will slowly drift next to the fish and snap its head sideways. It will usually catch it by the tail or belly so it must quickly release and re-catch the goldfish until it can swallow it headfirst. The cat just blasts out of the driftwood. Aside from being fun to watch, it is also educational for my kids and anyone else who might come over. It still surprises me how few people understand that fish (other than pirhanas) eat other fish. At least my progeny will have a good understanding of the food chain
  10. Had a duck get tangled in my line. After quite a battle, was able to pull her to the boat and got her untangled. Let her go in the water and she just swam away like nothing had happened. Once on a remote lake in Canada, I snagged a rope that was attached to the bow section of an old wooden rowboat. No idea where the rest of the boat is/was.
  11. Ted I was given a 1956 Ted Williams model rowboat by a friend who had it in his family since it was new. Even though I have completely redone the boat and trailer, it wouldn't be right to rename such a piece of history.
  12. Quote: Since we live in the same area, we should fish together!! Sounds like a great idea. I believe you have access to my e-mail if the opportunity presents itself.
  13. Yep - I was the lurker who vowed to get registered. See the "Time to make it official thread".
  14. Not that any validation is necessary, but I can vouch for how nice it looks. Saw it coming out of the water at Hidden Falls on Sunday. Even a dinged prop couldn't detract from the appearance
  15. Sly - Not to take this too far off track, but mine is a 1956 Ted Williams model. A friend gave it to me when they bought a pontoon. He didn't even recognize it two years later. I will see what pictures I have on disc. If nothing else, I will grab the digital and take some. I like to hit a wide variety of small lakes on the East side of the cities and the Croix out of Hudson. Would be willing to expand my horizons...
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