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  1. I like to see what people are having success with. I'll use my standby lures/techniques. But I have tried new things after hearing people reporting they caught fish with this lure or technique. It has helped expand my skills.
  2. Just got back from that area last week. Went through Kakabeka and only saw boats going to Anderson's outpost, or the houseboat docked around the corner. Many boats heading north through Chamberlain Narrows. One boat was fishing Scaler Lake. After being there and seeing the fishing pressure, I would not worry about it. Fishing was great. Each group fishes differently (jigging/trolling/casting). You'll catch fish.
  3. You should contact Lac Seul Outposts. They boat in from Deception and go to Chamberlain Narrows. I think that goes near Bear Narrows...but not sure. If you have a map, you can see the area from start to finish. I was in Tuk Bay last week and guys boated there from Deception. Took around 2 hrs, 110 hp at 75%. Not sure about the rocks. Water level was normal...but you can't account for the floating logs. Personally, I don't think you would have to go too far from Deception to catch fish. But if you want to explore, you could get there.
  4. I know the staff very well at Anderson's. Have never stayed at the main Lodge, but used them for a Fly In. I know others who have used them as well. Customer service is top notch. You pay a bit more, but they take care of the little things that other outfitters/lodges do not. I think it's a great choice for you and your wife. If fishing is slow at the main camp, pay for a guide. I see Anderson's guide boats all the time near their fly in outposts.
  5. I've fought similar issue for the past 5 years. I heard a radio commercial for Ortho. Home Depot had a bag large enough to cover my yard for $20. My wife commented to me last night that the Ortho really works. Have not had 1 in the house. I think I put it on about a month ago. Just set your spreader, and then give a good soaking of 1/2" of water. I mowed the lawn pretty short before spreading the Ortho. I'd give it a shot.
  6. fishyguy, I'm actually staying at Pickeral Arms. Flying out this Sunday morning. Second year in the new cabin, quite nice. I noticed on the fly out of camp two houseboats were docked south and there was one north east of the PA camp (through a few bays and channels). Was also another one north of Tuk Bay. There were a couple of days were the wind forced you to find sheltered bays. This is when we noticed how many other boats were in that area. There were also two guide boats from Anderson's main camp (that must have been a fun commute!) at the same time. We decided to have lunch a little early that day. Once the wind died down, it was back to normal pressure. What time of summer do you hit the area?
  7. Our group received an email yesterday from our Outpost saying water levels are rising back to normal in the area. Just thought I'd give the guys heading later this week an update.
  8. I eluded to the houseboats in a previous post. You can't control that. I've stayed with Anderson's in the past, which Outpost are you going to be at? The houseboats have been more on the south end of that area. There are more outposts as you head north. I've never had a problem finding a productive area to fish. There have been occasions where there was a boat in my first couple of "secret" holes. But, that gives you an opportunity to explore. And there is plenty of water to explore. I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. We were able to swing a fifth day this year, and will hopefully be able to keep it in the future. Still jealous! Can't ever have too many days on that water. Best of luck for a safe and a good time. If you see a boat from Pickeral Arms, give a holler!
  10. Our fishing party has know the folks at Anderson's for years. I stayed at their Tuk Bay outpost a few years back. Top notch! Really nice people who want to see you have fun and catch fish. Not sure if the folks up in Chamberlain are seeing this, but in Tuk bay there were five houseboats in that area. Fishing pressure has really increased in the past years. Add to this the guides from Anderson's and there can be quite a number of boats in close proximity. With that said, I'd never quit going. I'll be flying out Sunday for five days. This is going to be the longest week!
  11. In that area, Mahkwa Lodge. Other's have posted on the Lodge. I have a friend that has a large group with own boats and they stay there. Might be tough getting in that time of year, but if you start now, you have a chance. Mahkwa Lodge
  12. Abrams, any shore fishing suggestions in this area? Our group will be doing a fly out and will have an afternoon/evening with nothing to do but wait for the plane the next morning. I've seen folks by Frog Rapids and have done some shore fishing near the Bindo landing for Lac Seul. Curious if you, or anyone out there might have an idea. Thanks!
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