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  1. Are these all open tourneys? or do you need to sign up in advance?
  2. All fountain, cedar and Tetonka are 40.00 bucks. All other tournaments are 80.00. There is a one time club dues fee of 15.00 and is good to fish all tournaments. Blast off times are all safe light and are numbers are picked that morning. 20 boat max. 5 fish limit.
  3. April 18,19 Rathbun iowa June,14 Washung ton June,28 Fountain lake July,12 Madison July, 26 Cedar August 8,9 east Jefferson, german August 23 Fountain lake September, 13 okoboji iowa September, 27 Tetonka October 18, fall die hard fountain lake
  4. There will be no tourney this Sunday on east Jeff or German. With our club
  5. Call or text me if u have questions 641-390-0734 thanks sam
  6. We will be hosting a open tournament this sat and Sunday on lake minnetonka. 100 dollar entry fee two day combined 5 fish limit. Big bass pot for each day. Blast off at maxwell bay at safe light. So 6:00 am approx. One time 15 dollar club dues per person.
  7. This weekend the tournament on minnetonka will be sat and Sunday Combined weight for sat and sun. 100 dollar entry fee blast off 530
  8. steiger

    dock fishing

    Totally agree with search function. Most of the time I throw a jig up there on heavy braid. find a dock that is different then most one that has multiple ladders or PVC pipe around the legs or try the shaded sides of the boat lifts. As for your backlash the more you practice the better u will get, try and aim for your lure to hit 4 to 5 feet in front of your target. Depth is another big one for docks check your maps find some deeper ones and practice. SLOW DOWN! When u think your going slow enough cut that in half multiple casts in the same areas.
  9. steiger

    dock fishing

    In under 5 seconds
  10. steiger

    dock fishing

    And further more it was 8 foot there so I wasn't worried about someone stepping on it. Unless this dude was buddies with shac
  11. steiger

    dock fishing

    Same here I always try to get my gear back instead of leaving it. Who wants to leave a 5 dollar jig for someone else
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