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  1. Back-Reel for me. Up in Manitoba we can sometimes find some BIG lakers in 60-80 feet of water, which really gets fun on walleye tackle while jigging with a 1oz. jig and minnow. But trying to set the hook in this situation you need a tight drag, then hold on because the freight train has just departed. So back-reeling, when done correctly is kind of an art, but really effective. I also learned to thumb the spool on a baitcaster many yaers ago. I used to do a ton of night fishing for muskies before I got married. In most situations my drag would be extremely tight for hook sets, but a majority of the fish I caught were next to the boat. This usually meant my thumb was the only option for playing a green fish.
  2. I will 2nd the Mad Dog version. Had mine for 2 years and it works great. Bought mine at Home Depot.
  3. Been on the lake many times. Seems our best luck is with weeds around. Yes it is a VERY clear lake so don't be afraid to try deeper edges during low light periods. One word of caution though, the ice can be very iffy at best so make sure you check with a local bait store before venturing out. We have found varying ice depths from 16" down to 5" on good ice years so use caution. We did catch a couple of trout on pike sets one year but I really dont think too many people target them.
  4. O.K. guy's, what is the best flourocarbon leader everyones using on tip-ups. Heading to Lil-Bay-DNoc in a couple of weeks and need a good clear water setup. Been using Berk. Vanish in the 8&10# range but just wanted to see if anyone is really impressed with something else.
  5. It must be a special order option, because I saw one on the back of a new new Triton recently at a dealer. I was interested because I woud'nt mind upgrading mine if possible.
  6. The new 115 Yammy tiller does have the new handle, which makes it a pretty nice setup in a 1890 Warrior.
  7. I almost bought one last Sep. Looked them over pretty hard, and I liked the overall fit and finish of the Rangers. The only issues I would have had were that I did'nt like the way the seats mounted into the floor, and the way the transom is molded. Keep in mind you cannot just mount a kicker or trolling motor onto the transom without some sort of static bracket. I believe with a 90 on the back your top speed will be 32-34 mph. With that being said, I ended up buying a used 06 Warrior with 20 hours on the motor-a 115 Yammy tiller. This setup will run 43-45 mph, plus the pro-tiller power steering is awsome. I really liked the layout of this boat so thats the route I went. I also payed a little less cash, which made the wife happy. I will also add that I really liked the Ranger trailors with the Road Armor coating on them, great idea imo. Good luck in whatever you decide.
  8. Won't be long now if this weather pattern holds, Ill be gettin the Warrior out of the shed.
  9. Just make sure to file away all burrs on the square tubes when assembling, then I used a dry teflon spray lubricant on mine. After 3 years my tubes still hit me on the head when collapsing my shack.
  10. We have a camp in the Dairyland area, and this was our worst year we can remember. Not one shot fired by four hunters. We figure the mild temps this year just did not move the deer, and the deer we did happen to see were so spooked and cautious we did not stand a chance. But then again the eight different timberwolves we saw within a one mile radius of camp throughout the week probably had the most effect on those deer.
  11. My new baby - 06 Warrior - bought from a private party. LOTSA WALLEYES TO CHASE YET.
  12. FISHINGFARMER, I thought about that, but on the power drive units the whole shaft must slide through the mounting collar when deployed to use. So wrapping the cable around the shaft wont work. Thanks for the input though.
  13. Was curious about the best way to route the transducer wire on a Minnkota power drive unit with a 60" shaft is? Just seems there is no reliable way to do it without having issues with the hanging loose cable.
  14. Well for me it is 3 fish at 32". The first one came up on the SAG 7 years ago and only weighed 8.5#. The next one came last summer up in Manitoba and weighed 11# even, one of five fish over 28", then in Feb. I caught a beauty through the ice of Lil-Bay-Denoc that came in at 12.4#. Many great memories.
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