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  1. Ricky Williams on pot again, ....Maybe he needs to try a laxative... drum shot kaboom, lol
  2. I don't mind this pickup at all. Greg Blue, shoulder, Rondell Whitiker, arm, and Tank Williams knee .. still might have some problems. This is a move for depth, he held his starting job for 4 years before getting hurt last year. I hear he's a hard hitter, but could be a little better in pass coverage. Unless they guarenteed his contract,They could still cut him before the start of next season if his knee is too messed up still. nothing lost.
  3. Now its NFL free agency time any news post here. Anything I hear I will try to post.
  4. My prediction, Manning keeps his cool, and Rex gets nervous. Colts- 34 Bears- 27
  5. Yep, I was wrong also, I thought he should ride the bench till next year.... He makes Johnson look like a wet noodle out there. Not only is he good on his feet, this guys got a good arm. Time will tell, but the future is looking alot better for this offence.
  6. All I remember was bears fans rediculing the Vikings during their game on national televison last year about the boat scandel, Now this guys busted a few days ago with guns in his car and now he's back in the bar with his body guard shot DEAD. I think the NFC north has a new all thug team. I just heard about this, is it true? I goggled his name and this guys been in a lot of trouble recently.
  7. Vikings - Defense, best in a long time, good scheme. Offense - Offensive line lots of talent, smart effecient QB that keeps mistakes to a minimum, good to average talent overall at skill positions. Special teams- Punter Strong leg, I like the return of kicking it out of bounds the way Bud had his punters do it. kicker- longwell should be more consistant than anybody since Anderson. Punt and kickoff returners - average. Coaching- larger staff and better than Tice had. Schedule- 5 of first 8 games against playoff teams last year, 1 of the last 8 against playoff teams last year. Bad stuff- so far
  8. Read cyber's post it's right above yours, in black and white. Brad Johnson and running backs = happy campers. Now does the 16 million apply to this years salery cap? Do we have enough money to go get another big name?
  9. It's over vikings got him !!!
  10. I agree, don't touch the helmets, If they do, Exspect multitudes of fans storming Winter Park with torch'es and pitchforks!!!
  11. Now I have learn from reading the same web site, NFL.COM that a arbitrater is looking at Steve Hutchinson's contract and will make a decision Monday march 20th. I recently reported it would come sunday the 16th, sunday is the 19th, sorry rookie mistake
  12. I have been wondering when the Steve Hutchinson thing was going to be resolved, it has seemed longer than a week. I just read on NFL.COM that by sunday March 16th we'll get the decision if Seatle will match the offer.
  13. Don't me quote on this, but I think I read on NFL.COM a few weeks ago that the chiefs were showing alot of interest in him. I have not heard anything about what the vikings are thinking. But if he can get back to the playing condition he was in before his shoulder injury with the chargers, I sure hope they keep him. I heard he was a nasty mauler out there in San Diego. Then I'd plug him in to Dixons old position.
  14. Offensive line, 2 guards and right tackle, running back with good hands, linebacker and............. In my perfect world, I would take Chad Hutchinson 1st, edgerin james 2nd, John Runyan 3d, lavar Arington 4th and I hear vinitari will not have the franchise tag this year and will test the market. They have the most cap room, but no way they can get all these guys. Maybe 2 of them though. Its still nice to dream. And another hard hitting safety that can blitz and.....
  15. Moe,Curly,Smut,McWeinnie and the Boat Captin, Dang that peer presure!
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