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  1. chrismackmn

    Frabill suits?

    I got mine (grey snosuit) last weekend for 300 bucks (suit and bibs). I really like it.
  2. chrismackmn

    Best Way to Free Up Frozen Ice House

    a 30.06, that is funny.
  3. chrismackmn

    How Do You Load Your Portable?

    I just got a 500 lb capacity hitch carrier from Harbor Freight for 59 bucks. I am gonna put a 5/8 piece of board on it and strap down my house. I think it should work ok. thoughts? http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=92655
  4. chrismackmn

    Chip and Garmin Nuvi

    what kinda gps/depth finder do you have? I converted my big lowrance into a portable gps with a genz box and battery. If I can do it with that, it can be done with any gps.
  5. chrismackmn

    What is your #1 heater?

    I have used a sunflower, little buddy and big buddy. The little buddy is ok for anything over 20 degrees. If it gets any colder and you may be chilled. A sunflower can crank out the heat but I have many burn holes in my jacket from it. The big buddy really gets the job done. It is small enough to put in one corner of a yukon and heats it well below zero. 99 bucks is a good price and I would recommend it.
  6. chrismackmn

    Flasher Info from Scheels

    Agronomist_at_IA, curious but what did he have to say about the hummingbirds?
  7. chrismackmn

    Flasher Info from Scheels

    just from seeing it at the store and talking to the guys at Marine general. and no, they are not trying to sell me anything. I used to work there.
  8. chrismackmn

    Flasher Info from Scheels

    I have an old fl-8 vex that is ok. I wish it had the zoom function but oh well. The marcums are nice, I have used those before. The ones I really like are those new hummingbird ones. Those seem to be way better then anything else out there.
  9. chrismackmn

    Which engine to buy?

    I have a 115 yamaha and love it. Mine seems to have more pop compared to a friend's 115 merc on similar rigs.
  10. chrismackmn

    '08 Nav Chips

    call Russ at Marine General in Duluth....he may have one.
  11. chrismackmn

    what do you pull your boat with?

    Don't get a 4runner...bad on gas and expensive to fix. Check out the Pilots. They get great mileage, last forever and plenty of room.
  12. chrismackmn


    Juan....it is C. The trick is to buy reels and rods separately or tell her you got it on clearance. I bought 2 new st. croix's last year to pair with the 2 reels I bought earlier. just make sure they are on different cc bills.
  13. Paul does a great job and everything is always perfect.
  14. chrismackmn

    Anyone know a good Window Saleman

    Thanks Jill, I will set something up with them.
  15. chrismackmn

    Anyone know a good Window Saleman

    Sorry, Minneapolis area.