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  1. It is pretty obvious that the state spends a large amount of money through the DNR. Look at all the state hunting land, and how well they keep up on the lakes. I'm not origionally from Minnesota, and I'm very impressed! I don't care if the money goes to the general fund or not! Eventually it makes it back to the DNR. I have the plates, and I will not go hunting or fishing in a truck that doesn't have the plates. I am also a firearm saftey instructor, and I challenge all of you to give up one day and 4 to 5 evenings a year to give something back to the sport! The graditude of watching a 12 year old handle a firearm properly, and thanking you for his/her right to hunt is worth it alone.
  2. 1)Brunetts 2)Blonds 3)Redheads All three are tough on the pocket book... Might have to start focusing on Walleye!
  3. JLsTyee


    Fishing Nebraska Resivors we catch a quite a few drum (sheephead). A lot a times we called them rattles or rock heads. If you find one laying on shore that is competely dried out. The ear bones (rocks, ect.) will actually make noise like a rattle.
  4. JLsTyee

    White Bass

    Back in Nebraska we would target white bass... Walleye were hard to come by, and the fishing methoods were simmilar. So basically we fished for walleye, but caught white bass. We basically treated them like crappie... The size of crappie you'd eat is about the same size of WB you'd want to eat. They get much bigger and it is like anyother big fish... not the greatest...
  5. 3rd times a charm... Thanks Nick, Jeromy
  6. Let me try this again [image]http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/lyonsjsa/detail?.dir=/f117&.dnm=2b81.jpg&.src=ph[/image]
  7. Not sure it this will work, but I'll give it a try... [image]C:\Documents and Settings\jlyons\My Documents\My Pictures\July 30th 2005 009[/image]
  8. About 10 years ago a friend and I were Catfishing off a bridge over a Nebraska power canal. Two poles each. I had a nice cat on one and he was assisting me. We looked up just in time to see my brand new pole take off over the railing. After several minutes of fowl language, We decided that we were going to pack up and head to town to get a new pole. About that time my buddies pole had a hit, after a pretty good strugle the end of his line appeared... Low and behold My new pole was tangled around the end of his line. But that's not it... He was still fighting a fish! We got my pole untangled from his hunk of liver, and I finished realing in a five pound channel cat... My "Lucky" pole has since been retired to my fishing room.
  9. The only thing my 4yr old Lab will eat is Purina One Lamb & Rice. We have had no problems with it. I have tried others, but she just won't eat them.
  10. Do you want the best quality and customer service? Get Tri-Tronics. I had my collar about a year, it all of a sudden quit working. I called customer service, talked to a real person, and 3 days later had a new collar no questions asked. I was extremely happy with the customer service, and fast turn around. A friend of mine had a collar (not going to mention the brand, but starts with Ino.. and ends with ...Tec)that went crazy on him, darn near ruining his dog... We had to wrestle the poor thing to the ground just to get the collar off. He ended up out 250 bucks because they apparently don't stand behind their products...
  11. Lund Tyee Grand Sports' have a removable casting platform and pedestal seat. Does anyone know where I can find one that would fit a '95 1850 Tyee Grand Sport?
  12. JLsTyee


    If you are stupid enough to get plowed and kill one of your own kids, then Bubba deservs the right to feed you his "sausage"!
  13. JLsTyee


    I vote for the "Zero"!!! I like drinking and having a good time, quite often actually... But I never drive. What gives me the right to endanger someone else? If someone under the influence hit and kill my pregnat wife and daughter. I'd end up in jail for murder!!!!! Cause he/she wouldn't deserve to live in my eyes. I'm sure 99% of you fathers would feel the same way...
  14. JLsTyee


    10-4... Glad I've never been in that situtation, and will never let it happen. My wife and daughters are too important. I'll glad guys like you are willing to put your life at risk for the safty of others... Thank you!
  15. JLsTyee


    So what is the point of having a legal limit? Talking to my buddy, if they are below the limit they get a free ride home... Unless they are breaking the law in some other way, obviously...
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