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  1. Worst Kid

    Soooo sick of it already

    you got to love the opening to Grumpy Old Men with that song playing!!!
  2. Worst Kid

    Bears in the superbowl??

    Bears vs Colts GO BEARS!!!!!!!!! Been a Bears fan all my life even though I'm born and raised in Minnesota. Plus if the Bears lose the Super Bowl we can stop hearing the media talk about Payton Manning not winning a title buts thats not gonna happen!
  3. Worst Kid

    Best ice house to haul in my car

    I also have a Frabill. On their HSOforum this years model number is 6067. I drive a 2002 Honda Civic 2-door and it fits in there so an Accord should be no problem. It is a good ice house for 2 but no more. Nice feature it has is a floor and is tall enough when set up to stand in. Thats why I picked the Frabill over the clam, I dont want to be a hunchback in the shelter. It has 2 metal bars to hold up the roof which are connected to the metal poles holding up the sides, this should be enough to hang a lantern from.
  4. Worst Kid

    Hooks, weights, beeds for jig wormin

    For jig wormin I prefer a 3/32 ounce mushroom head hook. Black or brown head both work the same. I can only find them at Minnetonka Outdoors off of Highway 7.
  5. Worst Kid

    Who's your favorite team?

    AL = Twins NL = Florida Marlins Marlins always have young talent coming up and it even won them a world series this decade
  6. Worst Kid

    Whos detassling this summer

    Whos hiring for this job. Im just a city kid but I love hard work and if people pay cash Im up for the job.
  7. Worst Kid

    J. Gordon

    Jeff Gordon is going to win the championship this year. Hes going to stop rolling over for his team mate Jimmie Johnson and start winning for his new fiance.
  8. Worst Kid


    I've caught more northerns on my chatterbait then bass also!!!
  9. Worst Kid

    YEAH! It's here!

    Thanks and good luck to you also. I hope you can at least get out and do some shore fishing this weekend for bass. Everyone have a good weekend
  10. Worst Kid

    Albert Pujols

    I hope you do use steroids in softball. Ive never heard of them bein illegal for beer leagues! lol
  11. Worst Kid

    Albert Pujols

    Your crazy! Why are you trying to bring down the best hitter in the game by claiming he is on steroids? Pujols was already big when he was a rookie and now with a coupole years under his belt he is developing into his prime
  12. Worst Kid

    Salted Minnows in Metro Area for Canada Trip

    Minnetonka Outdoors or Wayzata bait
  13. Worst Kid

    Made it out

    2 days, 11 hours, and 6 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Worst Kid

    Curly pond weed, your thoughts

    Deitz your right on with using a spinnerbait in this stuff. I prefer the spinner bait to draw the fish out of the junk or if your going to use a shallow crank make sure it rattles. Personally seem to have more success with rattle cranks when working these weeds.
  15. Worst Kid

    Has anyone ever tried these?

    Ive used them for ice fishing. Made by the same company that makes the "buzz sticks" and glow sticks. Its a neet idea but I would rather use a different ice rod and just have hand warmers in my pocket or gloves then to use the rod made for em.