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  1. I got a digital camera, a 27" flat screen tv, a dvd/vcr combo, a medium rod and reel combo, a buzz stick (no reel) and a $100 gc for gander. Not too shaby.
  2. No rebate but everywhere else I checked was 249.99 and then you had to do the rebate yourself. It is the LX-1 model.
  3. I got my new Marcum in the mail today!!!!!
  4. Marine general has them on closeout for 199.99. Not a bad beginner unit for someone trying to get in cheap. I ordered one at that price for a back up and when the buddies come with.
  5. Yeah I agree totally there but we are talking about Carlos Lee who is a hitter not a pitcher. I would say okay to getting a pitcher but we dont need Lee. According to ESPN.com Barry Zito is up for trade why not go get him then right. So yes I agree trade up for a good pitcher but not a hitter.
  6. Yes I wouldnt mind seeing, Lohse,Kubel,Baker, Boof any of those guys go BUT. do we want to bring a big name onto our team and possibly disrupt the flow of the clubhouse. Sometimes you get these big names in there and they have an ego and they just mess stuff up. Lets stay how we are and worry about getting some people in the offseason. Just my view. Why do we need him, we have the best record in baseball the last 40 games or so.
  7. yeah why make a trade and break up the great streak that we are on. We have the best clubhouse in baseball. We are all clicking so no changes should be made that would possibly break it up especially for someone with a name and and ego bigger that his head. Keep it the same. And as far as Santana tomorrow remember he does have to duel Contreras at Chicago so it isnt a gimme. Also as far as the wild card goes we need to deal with the Yankees also, Chicago isnt our only worry with the WC.
  8. question answered. Here is my take with Radke. He annouced his retirement. Weight has been lifted off his shoulders. He doesnt have to think oh I need to pitch good so I dont get traded next season. He now just wants to go out with a bang and is just throwing his heart out, out there.
  9. sunkinboat

    Joe Mauer

    Do you think maybe she tells him if he dont hit, he dont get any? I know I would be hittin good to so I could be hittin that when I get home!!!
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