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  1. i retract my statement i dug in the dnr site and found that on july 1st they changed some stuff in minnesota and made it legal to bowfish 24/7 may 1st to the last sunday in febuary heres the link http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/regulations/fishing/index.html
  2. I thought the night bowfishing season ended on aug 31st in minnesota?
  3. i have never bowfished at night and really want to but i dont have a generatori was wondering how long do you guys think i could go on battery power i have 3 group 31 deep cycles and could use 2 for the lights does anyone know what lights would be the best to use my batterys are rated at 185 minutes @23 amp load
  4. ummmmm if ya seen this boat it would help lol
  5. Man some of you guys got away good i walked in and said i need to register this boat thier is no numbers except for some old mn numbers we know the fist number is a 8 but the rest are a guess all the lady said i need: year....me "ummmm yup shes mid 40s to 50s" make....me "ummmm aluminum" model....me "well its pointed in the front" vin.... me "yea its vin is simply "1" engine...me "paddle" propultion...me "upper body strength" metariel...me "refer to answer #2" design.....me "pretty sure its still pointed" inboard/outboard...me "ya got me on this one i think it used to have a 350 in it" length....me "supposed to be 14 i guess but measures 13'3" I have tried registering this boat 3 times they wont let me i want to actually give the government money for once and they refuse. so i finally just took it out i abide by the laws but this has made me so mad that i said screw it if i get stopped they can take the boat. all i got to say to the officer is "good luck registering it" I am gonna trying registering it tomorrow again at a different place and telling them its homemade if that doesn't work im liable to sit in jail overnight.
  6. hey i have a very crappy lookin old boat and just wondering if spraying some new paint on will effect fish will they smell the paint this is a boat for bowfishing only
  7. so we scratched some paint off made out an old number last time it was registered was in 1967-1968.... for the mn####_## number on the side went back to dmv and came back in the system as still registered but to a mid 40s person they will not give me the name of person so i can contact them and see if they want it back or if i can keep it.
  8. I have a 12 foot aluminum boat. its not actually mine its my buddys. he hasnt used it in 2 years so i just am using/trying to. When my freind used it we just had it on a small pond on private property so we were not worried. Now i want to use it for bowfishing and want to register it. my buddy has had it for about 4-5 years he got it from his uncle who had rental property and when the renters left they left this boat behind. I went to the dmv they will not give me any information they just tell me that you have to contact the previous owners? just wondering if thier is someway to find out the owners by the mn number on the side of the boat?
  9. mymaro

    pak shack???

    on the reeds HSOforum they have the pak shack for 99.99 and it folds up into like a little pack i am just curious how well does it work does anyone have one if so when your in it does it stay warm is thier enough space for my marcum and a heater how many holes can i fit in thier just some info on it would be nice maybe a review of some sort thanks for anything mymaro
  10. not only complete strangers around my town harp on me my own mother, coworkers say im nuts even some friends that spend some time on the ice are flipping out on me they dont understand ice as well as is do and i dont think i or anyone will ever understand ice. this isnt as bad as ice out tho i love ice out when thier is 16 inchs of ice and before i go out my mother will tell me that i shouldnt go today that it is supposed to get up to the high thirties
  11. hey joel ive showed hime everything he gets the idea and all but i want to get him out on to the ice so he can show me that he knows i will get the upgrade in march will i be able to do demo after the upgrade or is that just in the tc maybe i can get him out on the pond on nine chad said he caught a good number of crappy
  12. Hello, I purchased a marcum lx-3 about 3 weeks ago and my father is leaving for LOW the 12th. He will be taking my marcum but he doesn't know how to use it. I have tried to get him out fishing but won't(too busy with work) and i am trying to show him how to use it. Is thier a video that he could watch? Does anyone know of a demo on the internet. thanks for the info Matt Sjoblom [Note from admin: Here is a link to a MarCum Video: CLICK HERE.]
  13. For the $50+ category i would have to say cabelas the store
  14. mymaro


    Hello all: im just curious to ask all of you how much u are paying for lp these day ur 10,20,30,40 and 100 lb cylinders. right now in cannon falls were i live i work at the local cenx store filling lp our price is .65 cents a pound amounting to 13.85 after tax for a 20 pound cylinder does that sound good or is that higher then you pay
  15. favorite rod is the yellow snoopy combo with a soup can.......just jokin for pannys i use mostly the panfish popper from frabil absolutly love this rod the p10 reel could use a lil more work on the drag for walleye/bass i have st.croix premier new this year (thanks reeds) this rod can also double as a panny rod because it has a touchy tip to feel the nicks but also has a good backbon for the walleye and bass. i like to keep a buckshoton it so when i see a bass on the cam i drop that downa
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