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    R and R Marine

    HORRIBLE Customer Service in the Marine Repair Shop. Bought a used Lund and brought it to R & R for an motor repair (figured since they were LUND dealer). Motor was fixed at a price I thought was higher then expected (but fine it was fixed), then they told me boat had weakness in the bottom rivets and was not water safe. Their estimate for repairs would be between 3-4000. We brought the boat home and inspected it ourselves and didn't see much aluminum structural damage. We put some store-bought epoxy on the questionable rivets and the boat has not taken a drop of water in 5+ years of extensive use. I 100% believe R & R was trying to take advantage of new boat owner by scaring them into thinking they needed work that wasn't needed. Brought in a couple props to have fixed. One was fixed in a couple of weeks, then the other they had to send out to have done (not sure why, but was fine with that). Then as month and month went by I never heard back from them, I contacted them and they said the prop was ready to be picked-up weeks ago. Upon asking why they didn't call and say it was ready, they basically replied, "Why didn't you call us earlier?" I despise the place and would tell boat owner to STAY AWAY! There are plenty of other boat repair shops that will provide great service and more importantly treat the customer right. BEWARE!
  2. Did you make sure the pinch the Gulp worm so that there was only about 3/4 of an inch of worm after the bend in the hook. Leaving the entire worm on a slow death will take away it's action.
  3. I'll also throw my vote in for the smoothie. I heard about them 1st on this forum and checked researched them more and even called Limit Creek and talked one of the people their and they helped me pick the right rod and filled me in even better on their rods. Give Limit Creek a call if you are still curious about their rods. I plan on getting more of their rods when I get the chance (or more like get some more reels). Blue Ribbon Bait in North MLPS carries Limit Creek rods if you are looking to pick-on up in the metro area.
  4. I just purchased a new Shimano Calcutta 400B and would like to deck it out for a pike rig, but I also would like to not just limit the such a nice reel (and subsequent rod) to the small amount of pike fishing I do throughout the year. So I spooled it with 40lb Suffix Braid, but I'm torn on what kind of leader to use. I plan on fishing spinners, cranks, buzzbaits, swimbaits, soft plastics, pretty much every. Are Fluro-leaders the way to go? I will be fishing ultra-clear water, so should I stay away from wire leaders? I would like something that acts as a shocker since I will be using braid and a pretty stiff rod. What is a good test(I know most go with 100#), but do I need that heavy. Also could do I need to get the ready made Fluro-leaders or could I just purchase a small spool of heavy fluro. Since it seems the leader-line cost more then a regular spool. Just trying to get everything set up for open water. Any info you have would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Tuds75

    jig boxes

    I use that exact same Flambeau box pictured and love. I can fit all my ice jigs on one half and in the other half I have it filled with about a doze spoons. Once you lay a spoon in there you have to adjust how the hooks lay, but it keep buying spoons and still haven't got to a point where I can't close (so I guess I need more spoons). Also its a really tight seal so worries about water/snow/slush getting in and its a really hard outer shell that looks like it could really take a beating. I highly recommend that box.
  6. Let me throw Limit Creek rods out there. I got the 6-9 ML "Smoothie" rod and its great for jigging, lindy-rig, and casting small cranks. It runs about $90, so within your price range. If you have any questions you can contact the company directly and get a personalized response right away. They offer a great warranty and are very friendly. Also they are sponsor on this site so that is a plus. If anything give Limit Creek's rods a look, its shouldn't be too hard to find a link to their HSOforum on forum page.
  7. I got one once casting a #9 shad rap.
  8. I bought some, but didn't use them because I didn't use bottom bouncers this summer. The spinning hook/worm is a different presentation then every other walleye lure offers, so for the simple fact it shows the fish something totally different I think its worth a try. Also they are pretty cheap at about $2.60 for a package of 10 so pick some up and give them a try. I am planning on using them sometime this summmer, spring, and fall. I am interested in what other have to say about them as well.
  9. I used an certain online auction to buy lures that are not being made anymore and thus off the market. Also its a great way to purchase bundles of lures at a 1/3 or less of the normal price. Certain online auctions are also a great place to sell old, unwanted and rarely used lures from your own tackle box.
  10. Tuds75


    I heard Cableas is selling a 522 winter kit for $550, but in that kit you get the Head unit (which has a built in GPS antenna), 2 power cords (one for boat and one for ice), 1 ice-ducer, 1 boat transducer, and of course knobs, bracket, cover, and manual. I am not sure about something to mount it on for ice. It's basically as much as you pay for a new 522c and you'd get all the things to make it ice-ready
  11. My family just purchased a cabin on a northern MN lake and I do not know many ice fishing locations. I will be fishing the lake a few more times before it ices over. I have a H20 GPS and a Lowrance x125 on my boat and I am wondering what kind of things on the depthfingers I should be way-pointing on the GPS so I can more efficiently find affective fishing areas when ice fishing starts (ex. what depths and what kind of structure on what part of the lake). I will mainly fish panfish on the ice and possibly some walleye. Thanks In Advance, Nick
  12. I bought the smoothie last year after first hearing about Limit Creek on Fishingminnesota.com. I heard such good reviews from users and then went to Limit Creek's HSOforum and exchange emails with Turk and he explained all about the rods and I was convinced. I absolutely love this rod. The feel is off the chart and it just looks like a cool rod. I recommend Limit Creek to all my friends who are now looking for rods.
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