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  1. I just did plugs on my 03 5.4, they werent too bad, had to take the fuel rail off the drivers side to get at the back ones. Get yourself at least 1 long extension and a swivel extension. plus a couple short ones. I have fixed my exhaust manifold too and it took me 3 days working for a couple hours per night, but got that sucker out, its still on the easy out as a trophy of sorts. 180,000 now hoping for 250,000.
  2. More banter than music but pretty cool Ed talking about the Gophers win over Purdue and the Twins. Took this vid Sunday at Xcel, sorry I cut it off but had to stop filming to snap this pic:
  3. last weekend i boiled, shredded\chopped some pheasant meat, into a bowl with a diced onion and a couple diced jalapanos, boiled up some spiral noodles, and mixed it all together with some mayo and ground cayanne, some greek seasoning and a dash salt and a bunch of pepper. Kind of like a old fashioned turkey salad you get at the store. Lots of compliments, also have made pheasant dip, same as above minus the noodles and instead of mayo use cream cheese.
  4. you can always check the accuracy of your door thermo by sticking the probe in some boiling water. Should read 212 degrees F.
  5. Thats the sucky part. We built a couple similar blinds on my buddies pond one year, they lasted about 3-5 years, the best pallets to use for the walkway are the ones with the smallest spacing between the boards and the thicker the wood the better. They last longer and dont snap when you step on them carrying a couple dozen dekes, your gun(s), coffee, etc.... Pretty comfy hunting for those 3-5 years though.
  6. I was there. Had a blast. Rain delay gave me a chance to play some blackjack and win back some of the beer money i already spent.
  7. I had that in mind. Probably going to stay with Aluminum or fix the ol' Crestliner. I got a good idea now of some glass models to keep an eye out for, maybe I'll get lucky and find a 18ft Warrior with a blown motor or something. You never know. I agree a 150 would be underpowered on a 20 ft glass boat, that and we want to fit the boat in the garage are 2 factors why we want to stay around the 18ft range
  8. Would you say that a 18 ft glass boat would ride better than a 20 ft Alum? Generally speaking of course.
  9. I think the Rangers are bit out of our price range. Another thing is we need to go a little shorter so the boat fits in the garage up there. Trailering isnt a big deal we just have to go about 1000 yards from the cabin to the lake. I'm looking at the Warrior 1800,1895, did Ranger ever make a model that size, we could maybe look into an older model, but most look to be in the 20 ft range. Like I said were keeping our current Etec 150 probably keeping our graphs and trolling motor all we need is the bare boat. Trying to find one around $15,000 give or take some.
  10. Looking to possibly upgrade the 89 Crestliner Phantom. What boats ride the best on bigger water like Kabetogama\Rainy. Looking for a drier ride as well. If we loose a little speed thats not a problem. The (Alumnacraft) dealer told us Alumnacraft cuts the waves better any truth to that? We'll be putting a Etec 150 on it so looking in the 18-20 ft range.
  11. Try boiling down some vinegar and sugar, probably about a 1/2 to 3/4 cup sugar to a cup or little more vinegar, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 cup water to dull the vinegar. I also put a tablespoon of sweet chili garlic sauce in there and when it coats the back of the spoon its done (takes about 20 min or so. Toss the fried wings in there to coat. Won a wing contest with this method.
  12. yeah I think they have it there, its a kit with some spray on detailer stuff and a little box of clay, but you could just use any clay and some windex. Or any parts store will have it. Mead the clay first to get it nice and plyable, the windex acts as a lubricant so the clay doesnt stick to the paint and clump off. Probably would not do it in direct sunlight or if paint is too hot as a precaution. Its the first step in detailing a car before appying the wax products. Rub your finger over your hood and feel all the contaminents, then claybar it and it feels like it just rolled off the assembly line.
  13. look up the clay bar process for detailing cars. Windex works good as a lubricant, just spray some on and rub the clay over the sap and it should come right off. Leaves the paint looking brand new.
  14. Tune in to Letterman tonite!!! New album drops today produced by Alan Sparhawk of Low.
  15. I'm seeing a lot of Etecs on the back of boats latley including ours, i think its safe to say they've worked out the problems they had when the motor first hit the market.
  16. Anyone with sprint been having terrible service over the last few months? My iphone 4s, at my house, used to get ok service but latley its been terrible (1X, whatever that is). I get full (3G) service in the metro but not at my house and forget the cabin, cant even make a call. Sprint store was no help except they will let me upgrade to a iphone 5s for free (with another 2 year contract) but if I get the same terrible service with a new phone I'm screwed for 2 years. I'm starting to think they are throttling down my service on purpose so I'll upgrade and stay with sprint. Would switching to the iphone 5 make a difference? its a 4G phone, my 4s is 3G?.
  17. I've heard good things about the Husky air compressors. Home Depot carries them.
  18. Coen Bros have made some of my favorite movies. Waiting for a Jon Turturro or John Goodman cameo. Only thing I dont like is Key and Peele, bad comedians, worse actors.
  19. What kind of stuff is he smoking? If he's into sausage then "Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing" by Rytek Kutas. Pretty much the sausage bible. Or if you go with Leechlakes idea, Smokingmeatforum dot com has helped me get some great results off my smoker.
  20. Looks like my wirehair (Schultz)! i like a pickled brine on smoked pheasants. Same process just use pickling spice in the brine.
  21. Pretty blah lineup IMO but thats what i thought last year too and ended up liking Father John Misty and Grace Potter absolutley knocked it outta the park.
  22. 8" sub can squeeze into some tighter places, Or just take the sub\amp out when you need the room? either way, I would just start with a more powerfull head unit. 50X4 or so.
  23. Start with a new(er) head unit and go from there. I just installed a pioneer CD player with AUX input for my iphone that i find powers my factory speakers pretty well (52 watts X 4) in my Buick. I also added a sub and amp that i got free and i can have all the windows down at 60mph and still hear the music clearly with a little more headroom to go with the volume. I've always found that for me, just upping the wattage from the reciver is enough. Check kregslist you dot need to spend much at all.
  24. Yeah try GarageBand, its exactly what you're looking for. I think its $4.99 on the iphone. Adjust volume on seperate tracks, even reverb and delay. A lot of built in instruments (3 drumsets, 3 drum machines, 5 bass guitars, 5 guitars, a boatload of synths, a ton of amps if you get the irig to plug in a guitar, orchestral instruments) its a actually a pretty powerfull app. A ton of loops too. Takes a while to figure it all out, but better than any videogame IMO. I have a soundcloud account with a few songs I did in gargeband. If you want to get an idea of what you can do with it, search FarleyMcjohnson there to check them out.
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