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    Found dog

    I saw this on another site. I thought I would post it here since this in a MN HSOforum. Having trouble posting picture.... Is this your Dog? - Pequot Lakes - Irish Setter - Male Date Found: 07-15-2013 9:00 AM Breed of Dog: Irish Setter or perhaps red and White setter Gender: Male Neutered / Spayed: Unknown City where found: Pequot Lakes Closest Intersection: County Road 16 Zip Code: 56472 County: Crow Wing Color or Markings: Red & White Dog's Age: Unknown Dog's Weight: 50 pounds Dog's Demeanor: Friendly Dog was: Wearing Collar, No tags Any information on how Found, description etc: Found wandering around our home. Would not leave. Contact's Name: Trevor Contact's Phone Number: 641-670-0116 Contact's E-mail address: [email protected]
  2. Last year was the first time planting brassicas. I planted them on July 4th, right before a huge rain. They did well until the soybean field near them started to turn yellow. Then the deer switched to my brassicas & wiped out a half acre in a couple days (mid-September). This year I'm planting an acre of brassicas on June 20th (next week). I'm hoping they will get a little bigger before the deer really attack them. I vote for clover/winter rye down the middle. Brad
  3. I too have a 1998 Grizzly. When I was looking for a different hitch, the only suggestions I got was to have a welding shop fabricate one & somehow weld it on. I finally gave up. Good Luck.
  4. I'm also in the market for a used atv. Everytime I see one with that many miles I keep going back & looking a new "cary overs" from the dealers. You can get a 2009 Arctic Cat 700 H1 EFI for $1,600 more. It has warranty & zero miles. It is more money, but it would take me 8 years to put on 3,000 miles. JMO. Brad
  5. The DNR web page is down until the government decides to re-open. I tried to look at the trail pass info two days ago & all there is is one generic page with some general info & FAQ's. Brad
  6. No, we didn't visit rght away. Good luck with the pup, 2 more months until hunting!!!
  7. Our first one took 2 months, but our second tooks 3 months. The second was a little slower (mentally) and Tony force broke her. Even though they have different personalities, they both are bird pointing machines!!! The older one will not retreive a bird, but the ones that was broke will retreive to hand. I live in Grand Forks, so it was only a 20 minute drive out to their kennels for a visit every other week. No disappointments. Brad
  8. I had Wild Spur train both of my GSP's. I thought they did a great job. both of my dogs were about a year old when I took them there. Let me know if you have any more questions, i might be able to answer them. Brad
  9. I found the 2009 MN county aerials & downloaded them. & then a week later Google Earth updated there site with the same pictures.
  10. I was thinking about making some of my own. If you don't mind me asking, how thick are your baits? Thanks, Brad
  11. We were on Clearwater last weekend. the resort owners told us everything was a little behind schedule due to the late spring. they said most of the walleyes were still on the north end of the lake. We had our best luck, for walleye, just south of Voyageurs resort. Along a rock wall in 25'-28' FOW using 3/8oz firetigs tipped with a leech or half a crawler. We also caught a bunch of perch there too. Other people were having good luck slowly, slowly trolling lindy rigs with a single hook, no blade. We didn't have any luck during sunny times (7am-7pm) We saw a couple small mouth on rock reefs Hope this helps.
  12. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the help & tips. We got back this past Monday & had a great time!! We caught a lot of walleyes (after we figured out they do not bite from 7am-7pm, at least for us) My wife & I took my parents with us. My mom has never been walleye fishing before & on Saturday she caught her first, a 12"er. A few hours later she caught her second, a 29" pig that she release after a couple pictures. She had a blast. I caught a small mouth bass & we saw a couple muskies around a rock pile but we weren't fishing for them but they were about a 30" & a 48". The resort was more than we expected. Veru nice people that would do anything for you. We are definetly going back next year, probably for a full week. Thanks again, Brad
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