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    Well said, we hunt in the Orr area and have been seeing more and more wolves every year. Now we had a good season but the wolves were not in our area, I am willing to bet that they will be all over this weekend for muzzleloader. Last year my uncle came to our shack on the third weekend and discovered 6 wolf beds all in front of our shack. The next weekend I had three wolves running around my deerstand on muzzleloader opener and had one even come up my run responding to a deer grunt call. I also believe that it is about time to open up at least a trapping season on the wolves, but that probably won't happen until the timbers start eating peoples dogs in the Cities. This will happen shortly if the population has to push further south for food.
  2. CVA loaded with 100 grains of Pyrodex and 345 grain Powerbelts. This load has been dead on at 100 yds and has dropped every deer in its tracks.
  3. Grizzly16


    One thing is for sure is that the wolves are getting worse every year. This last muzzle loader season I personally saw 5 wolves and actually called one in with a deer grunt call. One thing to remember is that if a wolf starts to approach you or your dog you do have the right to shoot them and it states this in the regulations. We also have a family friend that is in the DNR and he confirmed the fact that if you feel threatened you are able to defend yourself or your pet with no ramifications from the DNR. Good luck to all hunting this year and hopefully we will see some sort of season on wolves in the near future.
  4. Grizzly16

    0w-40 oil

    I use 5W-30 in my 02 Grizzly 660 year round and was informed that this is a good all around choice. Now I really only use my machine in the fall and winter so 1 oil change is all I do. Sorry but I can not be of any help on the other oil viscosity.
  5. My yellow lab has the same thing on her chest and we actually just had her into the vet today and the biopsy came back as a fatty tumor. The vet did a biopsy right away and said they are very common with middle aged dogs but you should always have a biopsy done just to check. Good luck with your dog and hopefully it's just a fatty tumor not a malignant one.
  6. I have a 2002 Grizzly 660 which was the first year they released the 660 and I have not really had any problems with it. DUring the last few years I have put about 220 hours of hard work on it and I have not broken anything. I do have to admit though that with late season hunting and ice fishing, it sure would be nice to have fuel injection since the griz does have some issues starting in the really cold stuff.
  7. I have an atv and a sled but I find that I use my atv much more than my sled. I think this is because I llike to use the rack son the atv for hauling stuff (smoother ride for the electronics and auger).
  8. I hunt up near Crane Lake north of Orr and when the timberwolves move in the deer seem to move out. I have probably seen over 40 timber wolves in my life and I am only 31. I do think that as soon as wolves start killing dogs and coming into yards in the Twin Cities we will than see things change. Until than I can only hope that we at least get a trapping season on them soon.
  9. I bought my hifax for my quickflip 3 from Marine General. You can just yahoo marine general and it will give you the web address. The installation process took 2 people, but I did it in the winter in a cold garage so that is probably why they did not bend well.
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