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  1. Nope, I mainly stay north and east. Maybe we could meet somewhere? Google says it is 170 miles. I would say my limit is probably about 70 miles. Past that it starts getting a bit too spendy to drive... If I was to meet you I would want a down payment ahead of time via paypal or cashiers check for about $100 the rest in cash when you get it, just to be sure you are for sure. No offense to you, just don't want to drive 70 miles for nothing if you know what i mean...Let me know what you think
  2. I forgot to measure it. Does anyone know the dimensions of a 98 GMC truck bed? I do know it is the 6.5 foot length...if I get a chance maybe I can measure it tomorrow, what truck do you want to put it on?
  3. Black leer topper. Currently on a 1998 GMC Sierra extended cab regular box, as you can see. The topper is in great condition, few scratches here and there, nothing to worry about. Side windows open great, screens are in good condition. Has a front slider window for access into the topper from the cab of the truck. Lock and latch work great also. $499, open to offers. May take partial trade for a nice roll up Velcro tonneau cover, but I really could use the cash (but also want a tonneau cover, lol). Since the topper is still on the truck I would be willing to deliver for a small fee only to cover my gas expense, if you are serious about buying it. I am located in Mankato, MN and you can figure 16 mpg or so on the highway, you do the math. Or you can pick it up, really makes no difference to me either way. I assume it is heavy so maybe plan on having some help to transfer from my truck to yours. I can help, but I’m not going to lie I am no Hercules. Call for details. 651-307-9759
  4. nice boat, wish I had 8 grand, this boat should make someone very happy, especially with the 90 horse on the back! My buddies dad has this same boat with a 75 and I thought his boat cooked.
  5. Hey sorry I just sold the boat today. I will let you know if something falls through. But so far its a done deal. Thanks for your interest!
  6. I can't remember exactly, but I am thinking it is a 67... Something like that anyway. I know for sure the motor is a 59 Can you not see the pictures in the post? Those are all i got...Not sure what you want e-mailed...
  7. Quote: Powerstroke when I lived in the city had a neighbor that beat his wife, she'd come to my house call 911! It happened 6-8 times over 2 yrs,One night I had a hit & run on my truck. I called 911! Took 2 hours to respond I started questioning WHY!Well my phone & add.were considered nuisance calls.So other callers were responded to first,I was told then, NOT to use 911 only for emergency and that their policy was responding to 911 calls if not actual emergency was loged as so,and handled accordingly. So I now will NOT call police,Sheriff or any authority unless its MY emergency That seems pretty sad that a women who is getting beaten by her husband is a nuisance call and not an emergency. Seems a little goofy to me... I found a stray cat the other day, guess who the humane society instructed me to call, 911, that is definitely not an emergency but they were happy to take my call. They put me on hold a few times to answer other calls which was fine. They have plenty of lines and I am sure your quick complaint will not hinder someone with a "real" emergency from getting through. Just my two cents
  8. Man I would die for a rig like you described. I am no pro fisherman, but I think it would still be sweet to drive that boat at least once. Overkill, maybe, but why not do it if you can afford it. Who cares if he can catch fish or not, maybe the guy just loves his boat and loves to fish. I would bet he is a decent guy like a lot of us here. I always said that when I get my new boat I am going to put the biggest motor it can handle so that I can never say "man it would be nice to have just a little more power". I am sure that is what he did as well.
  9. Older 14' Crestliner fishing boat with an 18HP Johnson outboard. The motor was completely gone through last year with all new gaskets and impeller. Motor runs great. Starts on the second or third pull cold, and one pull warm. I just put in a floor over the front two seats and was a perfect fishing boat for me. I will also include a one year old minn kota trolling motor and a brand new (two months ago) deep cell battery. The trailer bearings were re-packed this spring by a local shop and has bearing buddies. I also just put on new trailer lights as well. It is all ready to hit the water. Oh yeah and the tabs are good through 09'. Only reason for sale is that I need the money for college. Would like to get $1,000 but the Price is negotiable, its gotta go. Boat is now up in White Bear Lake, can arrange a showing by request. I would happy to water test the motor as well, either in a barrel or on the lake. However this would require prior arrangements. The junk in the boat is gone, sorry I was moving out of my place at the time of the photos, hope you can see what you need to. Boat has to go! Shoot me an offer, no reasonable offer refused Feel free to call with any questions 651-307-9759
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