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  1. I have been suprised at the number of birds that the dogs have flushed in our morning runs. I've seen more birds this year than I did last year on the public land I train the dogs on. I think its going to take a lot of leg work but there are birds to be found. It will be like last year pockets of good cover with birds and marginal cover with no birds.
  2. I usually check this site out once a day or so. But I don't ice fish or deer hunt so not alot to talk about. Have been chasing pheasants since the season opened and will continue to to that until the close or the weather gets to bad. Hopefully the ice we got yesterday will be gone by the weekend.
  3. THe crops are starting to come out. Farmers are hitting it pretty hard but still less than 50% out at least here in central Iowa. Looks like another rainy periodstarting next Tues thru Thrus. The people that I know and have talked to seem to have done the best in NW part of the state. You can find pockets of birds but it depends on the quality of the cover. We hunt W Central Iowa and saw alot of birds Saturday unfortunately they were flying out of the cover into the corn fields well before 8.
  4. Hunted private ground Saturday. Four of us got 4 birds. Saw quiet a few flying into the unpicked corn before shooting hours. Went out today on public land close to home and managed 1 in about 2 hours hunting. Think we will do alright once the corn is out and the weather is a little nastier.
  5. I don't know about the northern part of the state but in west central Iowa I would guess less than 5% is out. Visited the farms we hunt yesterday and my brother-in-law was just getting started. He said that given the forcast for heavy rain he would be lucky to be out of the fields by Thanksgiving. As far as bird numbers there are some parts that will have a fair amount of birds and others that will have none. Depends on the amount of cover they had. I live by Ames and have seen a fair amount of birds on the public lands where I work the dogs and my brother-in-law said he has seen at least as many birds this year as he did last year.
  6. Consider yourself lucky that it only cost you 112.00. Two years ago one of my springers had a piece of switch grass break off in her nose. Ended up having to take her to ISU Vet college to have it removed. They had to go in from behind the soft palat and flush it back out the front. After the over night stay, scans, and meds my bill was over $1,200.
  7. I have a 16 week old French Spaniel. To early to tell how he is going to work out. One day he is really good an then the next not so good. Pretty sure things will work out with lots of exposure to birds and me being patient. I can tell you that he is a retrieving machine.
  8. It's Ada Hayden and it is managed by the city of Ames. It is an old gravel pit that the city took over to help insure that they had a water source in low water times. I have never fished it but have heard that they have put restrictions on the # of fish you can take. You might be able to find some information on the city of Ames web site under parks and rec. I do know that it is an electric only lake and that you cannot even have a gas motor on your boat.
  9. I have never heard of any eyes in green valley. Green Valley is known primarily fo panfish, bass and large catfish. 3 mile and 12 mile both have eyes in them. You could also try Icaria north of Corning. DNR renovated that lake several years ago and there were reports of 15-16" eyes being caught last fall.
  10. Another thing about our license is if you came down now and purchased your license it is good until Jan 10th 2009. So you could hunt the rest of this season and all of next year. Unfortunately if we keep getting these (Contact Us Please) ice storms there might not be many pheasants left.
  11. I can understand that. Was like thqt when we used to go to Canada fishing, no matter how crappy the weather we were out in it. The older I get the more selective I am when it comes to the weather, 20 years ago I would have been right out in that stuff like you were. Hopefully the weather cooperates better next time your down. OS
  12. You are a better man than I, when I got up saturday and couldn't see out of any of the windows on the south side of my house, I went back to bed. Here in central Ia we got anywhere from 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches of ice with little snow. We did get 3 inches of snow yesterday and they are predicting 3-5 for the weekend. We don't mind hunting in the snow so we'll be out at least once this weekend. Hopefully the next time you are down the weather cooperates.
  13. I agree the best time to hunt public land in Iowa is mid-week. i hunt some public land in the central and west central part of the state and seldom see another hunter during the week. I was out monday on a public area that is a little over 1,100 acres and I was the only hunter there. Was able to get 3 birds in a little over 3 hours. Had to get way back in the heavy stuff but the birds were there. Might be a good idea to skip the next couple of weeks as its deer season down here and the crazies will be out in force.
  14. Pheasant hunting in Iowa has been declining for the last several years and will continue to do so as more habitat is lost. There are pockets in the state that are still very good with the northwest part of the state being the best. I see very few local people out hunting phesants and I haven't seen an out of state group all year. Alot of the hunters I know are now going to S Dakota. If it was me and I had to choose a state to spend the $ to hunt it would be S Dakota and not Iowa. You can still get birds here in Iowa but don't expect it to be easy and I wouldn't count on limiting out. 3 of us went out in the snow and howling winds today and got 5 birds in about 4 hours but we had to cover a lot of ground. If you have any questions let me know because some of us Iowans aren't that bad.
  15. I agree with what everyone else said, get it treated by the vet then flush the ears once or twice a week. I have also make sure to rinse thier ears whenever we ware done hunting or anytime they get wet. Another thing that has worked for me is keeping the hair around the opening to the ear canal trimmed. Seems like the hair works like a wick when it gats wet and pulls the moisture into the ear.
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