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    google EARTH

    I looked this up close to a week ago and I belive the pictures are from 2002 because the vehicle in my driveway was one that I owned back then lol, I couldnt believe how I could find any place I ever lived, I thought the pictures were really great of the naval base in norfolk virginia lol man you can see the subs sitting in the dock and all kinds aircraft carriers and ships this is way to cool, maybe if they redefine it a little we can spot that monster musky everyone wants lol
  2. That was a great story lol, I remeber when i was young and throwing my pole down in disgust when my dad was sitting there catching all of them, but dont feel bad its been 2 yrs since I have been able to fish, theres no fishing where im at but Ill be moving there soon to make up I figure when i get there 60hrs a week on the water should catch me up a little, glad to hear you guys are getting a boat it should make all the difference in the world, have fun
  3. eddy

    Logging in?

    thanks but its ok now i just logged out then logged back in and it seems to be working fine now
  4. That sounds really good stay, althought i dont live up there to shoot me no ducks or geese, i could always buy a some duck at the store here lol I luv saurkraut
  5. eddy

    Using 2 rods

    I"m all for 2 rods, the replie above answered my question if you could use 2 trolling, can you have multiple hook setups for like crappie fishing? every place ive fished usually had a 2 pole limit but i guess when you have that many fish up there, you will still catch a fair amount of fish, at the same point watching one bobber might put me to sleep, having to go back and forth to 2 different boobers might keep me from getting hypnotized, especially at night when your watching them, sometimes you think that the bobber moved and your partner says no your just seeing things lol, what a blast
  6. eddy

    Logging in?

    Just wondering if anyone else is having problems logging in, I can be at a category and be logged in and then click on it and then it says im not logged in any suggestions?
  7. Hey surface Im just looking at places online for sale at the moment i was just wondering where some of the nicer spots up there are, not neccasarily in the city for sure, I have plenty of time on my hands due to an accident i had, I broke my leg in 3 places at work and wont be able to go back to that line of work no longer, so my options are open, first thing is first tho and thats to get my arse up there and get my line wet and get a house lol, sounds like you guys are having a blast up there right now, no fishing here really in las vegas its all desert cept for lake mead and the lake is filthy anyway, plus its just to hot to fish out here for me once it gets over 85 degrees im indoors for the summer lol, dont no yet what im gona do maybe buy a few houses that need some fixing up and sell them who knows, I was hoping to be up there by now Im just waiting on these lawyers to finish up, when they say a week i figure a month so we will see well thenks for the info hope to be up there landing some fish soon
  8. thanks for the info guys man thats a monster cat dtro, I have a brother that lives in vermont, hes a parapalegic and he luvs his fishing, he plans on coming and visiting me when i get settled in, he is a catfisherman and would luv to haul one like that in lol
  9. Wow that was nice I wished all boats were that easy to get into the water, luvd how you just wheeled it in like that Ive never seen anything like it, great video, god I luv walleyes
  10. Years ago when i was a kid my parents had some property around leech lake I dont remeber it much but do remeber the fishing was great, I want to buy a home up in that area but maybe further north of there and i would like to be around alot of woods and well no sense in saying lots of lakes because there everywhere but does anyone no where there is alot of wooded places up there, i looked at baudette and it seemed like it was alot of cornfields or open fields, i would like to live around alot of wooded scenery and lakes any ideas would be greatly appreciated
  11. eddy


    omg i actually found it lol it took me long enuff, now i forgot what i was going to talk about
  12. eddy


    Thanks alot I'll gittr done lol theres alot to this but is very interseting cant wait till i move up there, i have the fishing fever bad and theres no fishing here where im at so i sit and read these topics and just get excited to read them lol, knowing ill be there soon, hopefully before ice on the lakes, well thanks for the info
  13. eddy


    I was wondering if someone can tell me how to start a new post instead of replying to someone elses add, maybe its right in front of me telling me how to do it but i cant find it lol thanks for all the info i can get
  14. eddy


    Ive only been a member a short while and i couldnt get on myself but I didnt like it much, im on here alot also cant beat some of the stories and news I read on here everyday, Soon Ill be buying a home in minnesota and like most of you, theres nuttin like a day fishing, hope to see you all on the water someday, love the info keep it coming
  15. hey just wanted to ask a question im planning to buy a house that way soon, never been there in the winter whats it like in the country during the winter months, do they keep the roads clean and stuff? thanks
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