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  1. I've had this sled for 5 years. Don't know how many miles, but I put 80 miles on it in 1 weekend last year on LOTW. I was clearly going too fast, ice ridges must have put cracks in it. I know it had a few small ones before the trip, but wow it took some damage on that trip last year. I was on the snowmobile trail from the wigwam to the reef they fish at. Anyway, thanks for the dimensions, don't know why I didn't think to look that up. Just figured it would be close, but those dimensions don't look close enough to try it.
  2. I haven't actually looked at the new ones in the stores - the rep told me they were slightly thicker material but not significantly thicker/stronger. I was thinking about the depth too though, it would be nice to sit this on top of an otter sled if I have to buy a new sled anyway.
  3. I have the older green quick flip 2 that took some beating last year on LOTW. I have small holes and cracks in several spots of the eskimo sled (even with the hyfax on it). The new eskimo sled will fit the old houses, they are only $68. Not bad to replace, however the depth of the sled is something that I've always been disappointed with. Would the house fit on an otter sled? anybody do this before? thanks.
  4. I got a 4 stroke this year and love it. It starts way easier than all my buddies 2 strokers, has no smoke, and doesn't need oil in the gas. I don't have the plastic auger bit on it though. I've heard that people have had problems with the fins on those bits breaking. I have the 8" lazer metal bit on mine...
  5. not trying to take over the thread here - but I just bought an avid 5'6" UL F rod for crappie jigging that I'm hoping will work for walleyes as well. I've had a few people from local stores tell me they use ultra lights occassionally for walleyes. I couldn't pass up on this deal (even though I probably would have prefered to get the medium light - but they didn't have them). What do you guys think?
  6. TC123


    I was wondering the same thing. I've had some in the basement in a 5 gal. bucket for 1 month now. I've been using them when I go out and bringing them back. I've tried to change the water every week or so and give them some tropical fish flake food every now and then (not very often though - maybe once per week).
  7. 3" last sat. I was 1 of many that were out there. I would think there will be plenty by the weekend.
  8. thanks for the offer CALVINIST - I might just take you up on that sometime. I won't be out all weekend though. I've had pretty good success with worms and a bobber - that keeps the kid happy, but I would still like to get in a school of bigger sunnies or crappies sometime. It seems the fish we have been catching are only holding a few larger fish (by larger I'm only talking the half pounders). We have only caught a couple sunnies in the .6-.75 range. I did catch a 1/2lb white crappie last night though. That was fun.
  9. I picked up some rat tails and jigs from JR's yesterday and tried them out last night. I noticed I could get lots of bites, but it seemed only on the tail. Were the fish just too small to get up the tail to the hook. Some of the fish took and held on to the tail for some time, but I still couldn't hook them. I tried under a bobber and without a bobber with the same results. Are you selecting for larger fish by using plastics? I caught a lot of fish with worms under a bobber (most small but a few larger ones).
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