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  1. Don't even think about going less than 3oz. I use that even in 20'. I usually don't go over 1.5mph
  2. I am a huge, huge fan of the TC shockwaves shot through my TC Omega.
  3. Mid Aug. for planting and cross your fingers that last fall was a fluke. As far as planing a strip of somehtin else, I guess that's up to you. How big is the total plot? I'll be honest, I've had a lot of luck and useage with just planting Winter Wheat at the same Aug. planting time. Otherwise a mix with cereal/winter rye, winter peas is good as well.
  4. I've had Springer's my entire life growing up and currently have 2 of my own. I HIIGHLY doubt that I will ever have another breed of hunting dog. Tremendous with pheasants (which is my main utilization of them), great in finding grouse (would be better if they stayed in closer without the use of the collar and pointed) and work just fine for what I need them for revolving around duck hunting.
  5. I have a Lund Pro V 1775 and it has 4 seat bases. You can always add one. Just "can't" exceed the Coast Guard limits set for the boat.
  6. If it was me, I'd start out pulling BB's and spinners and/or cranks to locate some fish first. I know guys pull both with success but honestly don't have any personal experience beyond an aquaintance from SD that fishes it.
  7. Seems like a battery thing to me if you hooked up the jumpers and it popped right off. Probably a stupid point but...make sure you have the new battery charged up.
  8. Kind of hard to say, Is he leashed the entire time or are there areas where he can run. As long as he's getting out I'd say he'll be fine but if he has some "off leash" where he can run around incorporated into a walk/run, that's even better in my opinion.
  9. Looks like you're in Minnetonka. Do a search for Westonka Animal Hospital. Dr. Craig and Jackie Piepkorn are great people. They were in a small facility but have just moved into a brand new facility.
  10. I personally like mono on my live bait rig reels and use just the straight Trilene XL in the greenish color. I then use floro for my leaders and yes, research knots to use as my mono one isn't as reliable as the "special" floro one I tie. If you want to stay with a "super line" on your reels, I'm personally not the biggest fan of fireline as I find it stiff. I'd opt for the Power Pro as mentioned or the Spiderwire brand. I have spooled up a "super line" on my jig rods but then attach a small swivel and a 4' or so "leader" of floro on the end.
  11. So, this is your unused switch that you discussed above correct. It appears you have power into it with the solid orange and it's grounded with the black. This makes sense that the light comes on when you turn the switch on. I also agree that orange/red stripe appears to be power out to whatever you want and you could hook your yellow (from the LSS-1/SS unit) up to it. You could purchase a simple light tester to confirm whats happening at that switch. The tester I'm talking about is simply a probe with a light and a section of wire connected to a small aligator clamp (typically). The aligator clamp needs to be put on a good ground so I'd pull the black wire off and clip it onto that wire and then hold the probe on the end of the orange/red wire. When you flip the switch, the light should go on/off. That's just what I do to make sure prior to wiring things up but I'd say you're on the right track.
  12. From a hunting land standpoint, I'll vouch that there's nothing like owning your own parcel of land. Did the lease thing for many years and besides not being able to do exactly what you'd like, on all occasions it was just a matter of time before it had to end for one reason or the other. Now own our own chunk of land and it's an absolute breath of fresh air. I don't have the thoughts of "what did the landowner change now" when I drive up. I have 100% control and that's a big plus for me personally. Now...a cabin on a lake is somewhat different for me and breaks down like this. I have A LOT of things going on at home. Work, my own maintenance and so on and so forth in the summer. If I had to choose, I'd pick the option to rent a cabin so that I can get up there, dump in the boat and fish, lay back and not have to worry about anything.
  13. Oh...obviously you'll need to connect the ethernet cable between the unit and the LSS-1. Not sure if you do the majority of your fishing from the front of the boat, at the assumed steering wheel or at the back...but you could easily pull wires (I typically order my marine wire from the big C store) to whatever location you wanted and then purchase extra power cables and longer ethernet cable (s) and that way you can pop your unit off and move it around the boat where you need it. Just a thought
  14. I've wired three on mine and three on my dads boat. I wanted seperate switches to control all three locations so I installed my own 4 place switch plate (one switch for each unit and then one for the main power to the LSS unit) by running marine wire (red) from the positive starting battery post to the switch board and then another one (black) from the negative post to a common grounding buss bar (that I also purchased). From there it was just a matter of connecting the positive wires from the units to the switch panel and the negative (ground) to the common buss bar. As it seems you are aware of, the yellow wire from the LSS-1 unit needs to be connected to a power source in some form or fashion for the accessory wake up. I just connected the yellow from the the LSS-1 to the yellow coming from my HDS unit power cord so that when I turn my unit on, it "wakes up" the LSS-1. I don't do it often but I can still shut my LSS-1 off by switching the main power off on my switch plate. Oh, even though the switch plate is equiped with individual circuit breakers, I still installed the ATC flat fuse on the backside of it prior to running up to the unit. That's my situation...now on to yours. First off...power supply wires and it sounds like you have that nailed down with tracking your old wire to this harness and the "extra's". I'm assuming you have a console boat so this makes sense as I have the similar thing back in my fuse box on my 02' Pro V tiller. So, YES, I'd cut off your old power cable and connect in the reds from the HDS unit and the LSS-1 to seperate wires from this harness. Wait, let me back up some...I'd overkill it and first install the provided wire/ATC flat fuse and then connect my power cable to this. Yeah, you should be fused in the back but I'd put it in. This is similar to my ciurcuit breaker and then fuse. If you do this, label which fuse is for what so that by chance you have to check them, you won't have to backtrack wires (I'd also get aquainted with which fuses in the back control this harnes thing you'd be pluggine into and label them so you'd know). For the blacks I'd do the same thing...track where your old one went, cut it off and connect the blacks from the unit and the LSS-1 to this same location. There now may be a main power switch that need to be turned on prior to the unit being capable of being turned on but this shouldn't be any different than what you're doing now. Now what to do with the accessory wake up/yellow wire (s)? It sounds like you could hook the yellow from the power cord on the LSS-1 to this "extra" switch you have so that you'd have to turn this on to "wake up" the LSS-1 but then you have to make sure and shut this switch off to basically stop the LSS-1 from sending a signal/using "juice". Maybe this wouldn't happen if a main switch actually cut the power to the main supply LSS-1? Or, you could just wire in the yellow to yellow as I did from the unit to the LSS-1 so the unit acts as the switch. Potentially in your case then, you wouldn't have the capability of shutting down the LSS-1 unless your unit was off. SO...if it was me, I think I'd consider wiring the red from the LSS-1 to this extra switch so that switch supply's and/or cuts the main power to the LSS-1 and then wire the yellow to yellow of the LSS-1 and the unit. This way, you can cut the main power to the LSS-1 if you don't want it on. Kind of up to you. WW
  15. Thanks guys. I only asked as I purchased one and was just curious as to what anyone had to say about it. Haven't had it out all that much with our extended winter but yes, the PS is REAL nice.
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