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  1. we all would like to be "first" but it looks like ccarlson was in line first at 8:12 p.m. from what I can see
  2. You getting those Maxxima 4" (54)lights for $36 ? If so there must be a tremendous mark up on them if your truck stop can let them go for that. Saw another auction on HSOList with just the light (1)Maxxima for $70. Someone must be monitoring a run on these things. Havent received no mail tightline.
  3. they just disappeared tightlines. went from 0 bids to (1) and gone and off the site just like when I bought the oblongs a few minutes ago !!
  4. Note from Admin: No posting of unauthorized links. We will shut this thread down if selling items and posting links keeps occurring.
  5. Borch: I didnt notice the 2.5" X 6.5" Oval lights earlier. Basicly the same lens size in a different formation. I bought them quick. Also I noticed the seller must have come up with another pair of the Round 4" (54) LED after nitroant bought his. A new auction for them started right after he bought his it looks like.
  6. nitroant: You putting on "shadow shows" for others to view outside your house ? (lol) All this lighting your getting plus some of Gus's set up makes me think you'll need sun screen in the darn thing
  7. Nitroant: I had the curser sitting on the "buy now" tab waiting for 2:30. I was going to flip one over at $40 ($30 savings) and still have two that would have cost me only $30 total. thank Boch he's the one who found them, I just gave others a chance before I grabbed them. deephole
  8. Suick, I didnt take it as anything negative. We all do as we please but I didnt want others thinking they were getting the same light output and quality for half the price. Nothing worse then being unsatisfied after the fact. I'm sure (2) of those superbrights would be great for the purpose we are all looking for.
  9. Borch is correct there are (2) identical to mine for $60 including shipping. The Metal "flange" dont come with them but getting 2 for 1 the flange can be bought for $2.62 at Allstate (Peterbuilt) in south St. Paul Very odd to see these things on HSOList !!
  10. Borch: I searched HSOList endlessly two weeks ago and couldnt find any white LED in a 4". If there are two of them for $60 I'd be all over that deal. I might anyway
  11. Suick: Those (4") super bright lights only have 1/2 the LEDS compared to my Maxxima and don't come with the plug, groumet, or flange either. Plus I can tell by design they are not built near as good. It's all personal choice I guess but half price usually means something !! In this case its half the bulb cluster.
  12. I bought a "Big Buddy" two weeks ago at Northern Tool in hope it would push good heat in a 3-man polar sport. $129.00 I paid so that Reeds deal is pretty attractive. I also bought the 12' hose and filter for an additional fuel supply ($35) Hope this thing works well, $$$$ is adding up in a hurry and I've yet to find a LX-3 on sale for a upgrade, or get the new ltc. I missed out on that Reeds sale of them a couple weeks back at $279. Within a hour of my call they sold out
  13. That could be I guess. They were only up about an hour so I'm not familiar with the process of why & how. I can e-mail pics if anyone wants them, or maybe try posting them again !! I cant ever figure it out
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