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  1. KeystoneLight

    Channel 5 interview w/ MNDHA president

    Meant to say Gary, not Jim.
  2. KeystoneLight

    Channel 5 interview w/ MNDHA president

    That is not the head of MDHA. Mark Johnson is Executive Director, Denis Quarberg is President. Jim Thompson is Region 11 Director and from the Jim Jordon chapter in Hinckley.
  3. KeystoneLight

    Fish house breakfasdt idea.

    Creamary Café in Isanti has been doing that with their cinnamon rolls for years. they are super delicious.
  4. KeystoneLight

    What do you do with your deer hide?

    I have always donated mine to MDHA. The local Chapter that collects them uses the proceeds to send local kids to Forkhorn Camps, buy food plot seed to distribute to their members, do cost share on habitat projects and have donated towards the purchase of land for several WMA's.
  5. Found about a dozen or so in my yard last night, left them in to grow some more. near Isanti.
  6. KeystoneLight

    Mathews Creed

    I just won one at the Isanti County MDHA banquet over the weekend and haven't shot it yet. Heading up to Black Dog in Braham and have Jeff get it all set up for me. Hope it is as good as every one says.
  7. KeystoneLight

    Buying a firearm

    I have called in a couple of them the last few days and the initial check went OK, but if they had to be "further reviewed" I'd be transfered and then was told "all examiners were busy and this transaction was delayed". I haven't tried doing any online, maybe this weekend.
  8. KeystoneLight

    Gloves for Hides

    The Isanti County Chapter will be putting their boxes out this weekend. $3.00 store credit doesn't seem very much when you look at what some of the Chapters do with the funding from the sale of the hides. Check MDHA for a list of box locations.
  9. KeystoneLight

    game fair

    Make sure you stop by the Minnesota Deer Hunters booth and purchase some raffle tickets. The Isanti County Chapter is giving away three firearms and all proceeds will be used to send kids to Fork Horn Camps.
  10. KeystoneLight


    It will be about 2,700 acres on the north side of #135, back by the Landfill. They already have installed a large culvert under #135 to connect the two parks. The connecting road will be about one mile long.
  11. KeystoneLight


    Does anyone know the current status of this? They put in a large culvert under #135 to connect the two parks but I haven't seen any other work done.
  12. KeystoneLight


    I always tell my grandkids "hey look a whole flock of albino crows" after awhile they catch on. Lot's of them by E.R. Landfill.
  13. KeystoneLight

    Winter tuna, marlin, big water fishing ideas ?

    I'll be in Costa Rica, Rui Guanacaste, in mid-January, any suggestions on fishing charters? How about any sight seeing tours?
  14. KeystoneLight

    Hides for Habitat "rant"

    I have been involved with our Chapter's Hide for Habitat program for 15+ years. I think most of the chapters do not give away gloves. The "trade a hide for gloves" is usually a fur buyer and not an official MDHA box. Our buyer buys ALL hides, doesn't matter what size. We use the funding to send kids to Forkhorn Camps, sent 24 kids this year.
  15. KeystoneLight

    First Hunt and First Bear (pics)

    Congrats. Send me a picture and I'll get it on the Isanti County Sportsmans Club HSOforum.