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  1. I have an 05 lund 2025 pro V with a 250 Mercury Verado. The last few times i have ran it, when i put it in gear, the tilt/trim will get engaged for a split second. It has not caused other problems to date but it would seem there is a short somewhere. Any suggestions? Thanks, BHS
  2. Thanks Hawkeye, I appreciate the feedback! BHS
  3. I was just looking at one of these. Other than weight, can anyone speak to the quality of their smoking ability? Thanks, BHS
  4. I have a 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.8 liter v-6, with 128,000 miles on it. Just had the tires rotated and balanced and the guy noticed it was leaking anti-freeze out of the water pump. I am just trying to get this thing through until next fall when we replace it, will I be ok? Thanks, BHS
  5. Anyone been out of late? Looking to hit the Bismarck Area the 1st weekend in December. Thanks, BHS
  6. Looking at a boat with an 2004 Yamaha 250 HPDI with 330 hours on it. I have had smaller Yamaha's before and have always liked them, but no experience with the bigger block engines. Can anyone give me any info on this engine? Thanks, BHS
  7. bhs91

    suzuki 250

    No, I did not. Long story short, we had reached an agreement on the price on a wednesday, was sending him a check the next monday and he sold it to someone else over the weekend. I was very bummed, maybe I should have wired the money, not sure. Now I am back looking.
  8. bhs91

    suzuki 250

    Thanks Guys, I appreciate the input. BHS
  9. bhs91

    suzuki 250

    I am looking at a boat with a 2008, 250 suzuki (4 stroke). Since the boat is down in Nebraska and i am in minnesota, I asked that it be brought in to a mechanic. The guy was great, said no problem and e-mailed me the report. On the diagnostic record history, all the fault counts come back at "0", except one that says "over-revolution" which show this as happening 31 times. What is this and what does it mean? Thanks, BHS
  10. I am in the market for a new boat and I am considering an 08 Tuffy, 2060 Osprey. That being said, I know nothing about these boats and really don't see a bunch of them out there. If anyone has any info, good, bad or ugly; I would be interested in hearing it. Thanks, BHS
  11. no, nothing like that that i have noticed.
  12. 3000-3500 miles in between usually.
  13. I have a 2002 Chevy Suburban, V8 with 101,000 miles on it. I bought it used, a little over 18 months ago with 85,000 miles on it. For the first year, I could go fully in between oil changes without needing to add oil. Starting this summer, I noticed I needed to add a quart in between oil changes and again this fall the same thing. Is this normal or is there something that I should do to get it fixed. Thanks, BHS
  14. My auto shocks on my suburban were going bad and rather than replace those, i just had a mechanic pull them and put heavy duty shocks in it. He also disabled the pump that would inflate the shocks and now in my message center it says,"service air ride system". Any chance i can rid of that warning or am i stuck with it? If so, no biggie that is what tape is for:)
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