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  1. schmidty

    HSO TEAM #9..........Jakes or Better

    no bird for me this year. next year has to be my year. woody1975 thanks for the use of your blind --that thing was a life saver on saturday in the blowing snow.
  2. schmidty

    HSO TEAM #9..........Jakes or Better

    private land and as for the name --- It works for me.
  3. schmidty

    HSO TEAM #9..........Jakes or Better

    just checking in---I'll be hunting 442c near new ulm
  4. schmidty

    Do you grill in the winter?

    3 days a week in the winter and about 5 days in the summer
  5. schmidty

    Hey Schmidty!

    hey woody ---- 442 C is where it's at. I'll be starting the season off behind my dads-- And as for the birds. The numbers are nowhere near what they have been. but that can change too. What weekend do you go? It looks like I'm on team #9 so look out woody. Whats the name of that mouth call you have? later schmidty
  6. schmidty

    polaris belts

    Is there a lifetime wattanty on polaris belts? 05 sportmans 700 800 miles and my belt is gone.
  7. schmidty

    Sign Up thread for HSO 2008 Turkey Contest

    I'm in--- schmidty---one adult
  8. schmidty


    make sure you call around for the best price. From one town to the next the price can very alot.
  9. looks good!! I'm hunting in the same area, and there are birds in the area.. good luck