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  1. Not a bad idea at all...If there was enough interest we could charge $$ for people to sample...then donate to and outdoors organization? Maybe even a requirement that the chili has some wild game of some sort?
  2. Maybe I should be invited to try variations made by other FM'ers?
  3. I thought I replied to this yesterday...but...NEVER have I given the EXACT recipe. And...I constantly change it from year to year...dont want to be a one trick pony
  4. I am a firm believer that you get what you pay for when it comes to quality hunting dogs. I also feel that better bred dogs will get you a calmer gentle house dog. Most quality breeders put a lot in making sure they pass on the good traits.
  5. Well... since I use the base recipe in contests I dont thing I will be sharing all the details...so...it is basically a combo of 2-3 kinds of meat...(Veni cubes, smoked sausage, ground pork, or ground beef)...tomato sauce, stewed tomatos, 1-2 cans of chipotle in adobo...green chilis...chili mix packet or two...couple cans of beans...garlic and onion (browned with your pork or beef)...hot sauce...brown sugar...bbq sauce...seasoning to taste. I will be making it with venison, smoked sausage, and ground pork on thursday night ...
  6. I made a breakfast version a couple weeks ago with bacon, sausage links, and cheesy scrambled eggs. I thought it was wonderful, but the eggs didnt go over with all the judges...go big or go home
  7. Couldnt keep it in your head? That is the best place for it . I will be making it soon myself
  8. I saw one two seasons ago and had this discussion in deer camp. I called the DNR when I returned. They are federally protected.
  9. Oh I used her!! She was on at least 20 birds that weekend. That particular moment we went out to set up a ground blind and I left her in the trailer as I figured setting up the ground blind would only take 10 minutes. At least I had my shotgun!
  10. If your primary hunting is grouse and pheasants...and want an exceptional family dog on top of it...you can not go wrong with a red or English setter. I have NEVER EVER been around a calmer, pleasant dog than a Red Setter. A female should not be over 45 lbs which also makes for a great size house dog. Let me know if you want more info. jbdragon17 at hotmail.
  11. Our party gets together for a day and butchers as a group. If you dont help butcher...you dont get any meat...even if you shot it!! We divide up the scraps and all steaks/roasts evenly. Most of us grind the scraps on our own, or bring them in to have something done with them.
  12. Our lunches and breakfasts mostly consist of sandwiches, toast, rolls, oatmeal etc...We will have a pot of some of the best chili ever created . After careful consideration we came up with the following menu for our dinners and Monday's brunch. Friday night: Pork Roast with gravy, baby red potatoes and carrots. Saturday night: Spaghetti with Garlic toast Sunday night: Steaks, Baked potatoes (all the fixens), and steamed broccoli Monday Brunch: Venison tenderloins cooked as chicken fried steak with sausage gravy, biscuits, and eggs. Monday night: Beer bathed bratwurst with all the fixens Tuesday night: Dinner on the way home
  13. We also are going with steaks.. Probably T-bones. Did goose breasts for grouse camp. They turned out nice. I marinaded them in EVOO, Red Wine Vinegar, Garlic, and a splash of Terryaki for almost 24hrs. I pounded them really thin rolling cheese, onion, garlic, and bacon inside...wrapped the outside with MORE BACON. Cooked medium to medium well. Best goose breast I ever had.
  14. Stroganoff was on the short list, but got bumped in favor of T-bones ...I will do that at some point. Thanks for the recipe.
  15. We have tenderloins on menu for monday's brunch. Cooking them like chicken fried steak with a sausage gravy, biscuits, and eggs.
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