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  1. I need some help. I am looking for some decent areas to fish for some nice flatheads from shore on the good ole minnesota. Me and a buddy of mine have been fishing near the landing in morton and some in the franklin park with very little to show for it. The last 3 times we have been out we can't even get a nibble. We were out last night from 7pm to about 4:30am this morning. Not 1 bite. So we are changing locations Any decent areas to shore fish from by shakopee, belle plaine area? Any where else? thanks
  2. Quote: you will have to wait till spring for native fish, I can't remember when but aquatropics gets them from the spring ti'll sometime in the fall or winter. Yup, I just called aquatropics last night. The lady said all they have in stock right now is bullheads, small sunnies and few perch. She said when they get their shipment in the spring they will have almost everything.
  3. Like Dennis said, I try to keep the bait as cool as possible, it doesnt fall apart as easy. I never really use liver anymore, I prefer cutbaits. I generally do better with cutbaits than liver.
  4. I caught a loon once. I was using a sucker minnow and bobber. I only had 12 pound test on. My bobber went down, I set the hook, and zzzzzz, just started cleaning out my spool. I yelled for a friend of mine to get the boat because I didn't know what I had on. About 30 seconds later the loon came flying out of the water about 20 feet, then went right back down in the water. We chased it around the lake for about 5 min until we finally got it close enough to the boat that I could reach down and cut the line about 3 feet from the loon. Keep in mind I cut the line while going wide open in a 14 foot boat with a 7.5 horse motor on it. Poor fella. I don't know if it survived or not. I felt really bad afterwards. Anybody think it was ok??
  5. Quote: My number one senko choice is...I can't remember the color. It's in the baby senkos(4 inches) and it's half green half white running the long way. This color has been dynamite for me. Unfortunately they don't make the imitations in that color, so I go for some of the other green patterns. Are you referring to the Watermelon/Cream laminate? I've never really used that color but I have a friend that swears by it.
  6. Derrik

    Where to go???

    Quote: Hmm, just wondering who this is. I am from Grove City, and spend alot of time in Litchfield. Another one from the area? When I said I was a little familiar with the area it's because I live here.
  7. Derrik

    Where to go???

    For channels I'd go up to swan lake and fish by the culvert. Or like you mentioned the channel in cold spring is always good. Litchfield huh? Where abouts? I'm a little familiar with the area.
  8. Derrik

    After the storm

    Koronis was an absolute flop. Managed 1 Northern on a black/white daredevle, and 1 LM on a senko. That was from noon til about 7.
  9. I replaced the SW 50 with PP 50 and went fishing for a few hours today. Boy when people say the color wears off quickly they weren't lying. With in a few hours there was a definate change of color. How long does it usually take for the wax coating to wear off? Between the SW and the PP I really couldn't tell a big difference between the two. The SW might have casted a bit better, but I'm sure it will get better once the wax wears off, as the SW was good and broke in. Then again, that's a big MIGHT have casted better. Might have been in my head too. I've said this before but, I'll probably stick with PP because it is definately thinner. Got to test out the strength of it today too. Got her wrapped up real good in some lili pads. Just took the line and wrapped it around the net handle and pulled, yanked 4 or so of them right out of the ground, roots and all. BTW, one of the best knots I have found to hold was a uni knot doubled over. Double the line and run it through the eye and tie a uni knot. My average break strengths were from 39 to 41 pounds. Was definately better than most of the other knots I tried. I managed a 45 out of a bimini, but it only happened once. There was just too much variation in breakages from the bimini. They broke anywhere from 28 up to 45 pounds. If they weren't tied perfectly they broke rather prematurely. Besides that a uni is pretty much fool proof. Even when I tied one rather poorly on purpose, I still managed about 33 pouunds out of it. If I find time off of the lake tomorrow I'll work on an abrasion test.
  10. Quote: Your not using the same section of line for each test after it fails are you? You using a new section of line each time? An the other question.. are you getting the line wet to tie the knots? In fishing situations.. your line is at least going to be somewhat wet.. many people go as far as to wet the line when tying(I dont). The only other question I have is.. how are you connecting the line to the scale? Using a new piece everytime. Actually I am lubing the knots up with some reel oil prior to cinching them down. I am connecting the line to a 175# leader and then connecting that to the scale. I tried connecting the line directly to the scale and it didn't seem to have much of an effect on breaking strength. I just tried the 50 PP again and used a bimini. I made sure it was lubed up really well and everything looked even and it broke at 45 pounds. That's the best yet. Tonight sometime I'm gonna do a few more tests with the bimini. If I can get it constantly hold over 40, I'm gonna start using that.
  11. I did a test with both the SW and PP in 50lb. I tested each one with a knot in the middle. Wasn't much of a difference between the two. The PP made it to 15 while the SW broke at about 16. I then tied the two together using a uni-uni knot and pulled. The spiderwire gave up first at about 22 pounds. I only tested each one once. So in my opinion, the strength between PP and SW in the 50lb flavors is a dead heat. You really couldn't go wrong with either one. I may opt to stick with the PP just for the fact that it is just a hair thinner.
  12. Dave, That abrasion under load test is a good idea. I'm thinking about setting brick or something of that nature on something high and then hanging the line over it, I'll tie a 5 pound weight to one end and the pull up and down on the other end and see how many times it takes to break. I just got done doing some testing on PP. 30lb PP's average break was in the mid 20's. In fact from earlier testing of the 20lb PP, the 30 lb didn't make much of a difference, maybe 1-2 pounds on average. I tested 50lb PP 3 times with a uni, 3 with a palomar and once with a bimini twist. The average break strength with the uni was about 35lb. The average for the palomar was about 33lb. I only did the bimini once and it broke at 33 pounds. So it looks like the PP 50lb. was pretty darn close in B.S. to the SW 50lb. One thing I forgot to mention was the 50lb. spiderwire that I tested was about 4 years old, and has been used and abused it's whole life. But after testing the 80lb. SW stealth, the 50lb's breaking percentage was almost dead on with the 80. So the age of it appears to have no affect on strength what so ever. I may take the 50lb SW off of my baitcaster and replace it with PP just for the fact that the PP is thinner.
  13. Thanks for all the info guys. Tonight when I get off of work I'm gonna head to wally world and pick up a thing of powerpro 50lb. If I can get the powerpro to hold up to the rated strength using normal knots like the 20lb did. Powerpro has just found a new customer. Especially since PP is thinner than stealth. They both say the same diameter on the box but take them out and compare them once, the PP is noticeably thinner. I'm gonna try some 6lb stealth too since I happen to have some of that laying around, tomorrow a guy at work is gonna bring me some 20lb fireline to test. I hope this PP thing works out, if not, I'm gonna try some of the braids from Western filament. I'm trying to develop a way to test shock strength. I won't be able to give any actual readings but I may try and tie some weights to some of them and drop them, and see which one takes the most abuse.
  14. I just did some more tests. And the results were kinda surprising. 20lb. powerpro broke at about 23 pounds with a uni, it broke at the knot. This is the interesting part. I used a regular old granny knot superglued because they kept pulling apart, and it broke at 28lbs, at the knot. WTH???? Doesn't make any sense to me. I just tried some stealth 8lb. With a uni knot it broke at about 11 lbs. at the knot. I tested the stealth 3 times and they were all in the 11 pound range. So I guess the smaller stealth holds up fine with knots. Just not the bigger stuff. Tonight I'm gonna run and pick up a spool of 50lb. power pro and see how that does. Maybe the lighter braids hold fine, and the thicker stuff has problems holding rated strength??? I'll keep ya informed
  15. LT01. A variety actually. The only kind of fishing I use braided for is Musky and Catfish. Reels are either spinning or baitcasters. Like I said though, I know either way it will be overkill for my equipment. I'm just trying to learn how to get relatively close to breaking strength with the new braids. This really isn't about fishing. So equipment isn't really a concern. I just wanna know if some people have had better luck with breaking strength and such between different braids. If you wanna know though, the rod that I"m using the 80lb. stealth on is a 7'0" compre musky rod with a Cardiff 400 baitcaster. HUEY. You have no idea how many times I've read that myself. Which was why I decided to do this little test. If I actually am doing something wrong, I'm doing it wrong for every test I've done, because they're all turning out roughly the same.
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