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  1. Hello - In the distant future our family will be purchasing a boat that will be used for fishing and tubing/skiing. I am doing my homework way before hand so I know what to look for. What do people on here use so one boat can be used for 2 pleasures! I love the rangers/skeeters but I am wondering how much water depth you need to get them in and out of the lake. Advantage of a fiberglass boat vs. aluminum besides the better ride? It will be mostly stored under a boat lift on the lake where we live. It's a small 200 acre lake so I don't know if a Ranger/skeeter will be over kill? Would I be better off with something like a Lund Tyee that a ski pole can be easily put in place when needed? Anyways, I want the purchase to be done right the first time so we are not regretting anything or looking for any upgrades within a couple years after. Thanks in advance! Chad
  2. Hello - Now that we have our new paver fire pit/patio area I am searching for something to help keep the mosquitoes away. I know a few years ago we purchased this brick that you throw in the campfire and I felt like it worked pretty well. However, it was purchased at a hardware store that is now closed and I can't find them on the internet or a store. If anyone has any good products they have used please let me know. Thanks, Chad
  3. Hello - We are doing a landscape project and have been going back and forth between bullet edgers or aluminum edging. The price is the same. I know both have pros and cons but just looking for some general feedback from people who have used either one. Thanks Chad
  4. I am looking at purchasing a new boat within the next year or 2. However, I really want to make the right decisions and have this be the boat that I love and will like it for many, many years. From what I have read one the main decisions is make sure the dealer sets it up right and has good customer service. So, without asking the dealership and them obviously saying they have great customer service what are some other ways to find out? I live in Dassel, MN which is 60 miles west of Minneaplis so I do have lots of dealers within an hour drive. I am strictly looking at Alumacraft, Lund, and Crestliner. So any info on dealers, what to watch for, etc would be great. In my mind I would rather spend an extra $500 if the boat is setup to perfection and customer service is top notch. Please respond with any advice or information on dealers that you have used and would definately recommend. Thanks in advance! Chad
  5. Hello - Ok, so this may be a dumb question but this is my first 4 wheeler I have owned. It's a 2007 polaris 500 EFI. When driving in High Gear it doesn't seem to ever shift or I can't hear it shift. Is this normal. I feel like when you hit a certain MPH or RPM's you should hear/feel a shift in gears. It just seems like it keeps going without noticing any gear shifting. Can someone please help........not sure if it's normal? Thanks, Chad
  6. Hello - I am just starting to do research on the best fish/ski boat. I am wondering what people like/dislike about their current setup. What are must haves? Double windshield? Etc. What's the best Brand? Lund, Crestliner? Alumacraft? It will be used about equally for fishing and skiing. Maybe a little more for fishing however. Any advice would be great. Thanks. Chad
  7. Hello - I am just trying to get some opinions on dealers around Dassel, MN. Overall input would be customer service if buying new, set up skills, and overall good mechanics. The dealers I know that are close by are B&B Sports(Hutch), J & J Marine(South Haven), A1(Annandale), and there is also one in Silver Lake I think. Any advice on what dealer you have had good luck with buying a new boat or just basic service would be great. Thanks, Chad
  8. Hello - I know this is like a Ford, Chevy, Dodge debate but I am wondering what people's opinion are for these brands of boats. I am more looking along the lines of Rebels/Explorers, Fishhawks, and Navigators. Although I am not looking to buy for a couple of years when my kids are older, I just wanted to get some opinions of what people like/dislike about there current boats. Do you like your Mercury Motors that you have to get on the Lund? That is my main reason I wouldn't buy a Lund is because I am not a huge Mercury fan. Anyways, thought it would be a fun thread to to hear people's likes and dislikes. Thanks. Chad
  9. Hello - I have a 2007 Sportman 500 EFI and I am looking for a ice auger rack to carry my gas auger. Anyone know of a good place to purchase one or if some models are better than others - if there a even a couple different ones to choose from? Thanks, Chad
  10. Hello - I have a 2007 Polaris Sportsman 500 EFI Deluxe. It has the original/standard tires on it. I use it a LOT for ice fishing so I am wondering what kind of tires would be the best for snow? I guess I should just say what are the best snow tires? Thanks, Chad
  11. Hello - I am going to be designing a custom built fish house. The size would be 6.5 x 12 plus the 3 foot V. So it would actually be 6.5 x 15. What are some likes or dislikes for those who have designed their own or fished out of a buddy's. I really would like the house to sleep 3 but yet not feel too cluttered. Does anyone have any good ideas, suggestions or pictures of what you have. Thanks in advance. Chad
  12. Tourneychamp - Thanks for your response. Very interesting. Like I said about the ice castle it's what I heard and I am not sure if it's true. Must not be because you are pulling yours with a polaris 500 sportsman. I wouldn't think the V-fronts are that much heavier???? Do you know how much your fish house weighs? Thanks.
  13. Hello - I know we have had a post like this somewhat before but here it goes again. I just sold my 6.5 x 12 foot King Crow fish house on wheels. Main reason because we are having a kid in June but I am hoping to puchase a new one in a year or 2. However, I want it make the purchase to exactly what I want. My first thing I need is a light wheelhouse that can be pulled with a polaris 500. The size I will be getting is 6.5 x 12 for sure maybe 6.5 x 14 depending on weight. I was able to pull the King Crow but want to expand my search a little when looking for the next house. What do you guys have and do you know the weight of your house? I have heard Ice Castles are heavy and almost impossible to pull with a wheeler? Anyone have that experience? Other options are Performance engineering out of Glencoe or Dandy out of Clearwater. Has anyone pulled these houses with a wheeler or know much about there weight. Some advice about a good quality fish house along with being light weight would be great. Thanks everyone. Chad
  14. I have a 75 E-TEC and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Chad
  15. Farly - Email sent. Let me know if you didn't receive it. Thanks.
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