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  1. I read alot about the marcum-5 and vex-18. I was ready to buy, just wasn't sure which unit. I went to three differnet store. cabelas, joes, gander mountian, a couple weeks ago. all i could find was the vex fl-18. I was very dissapointed to not see the marcum, and i was not the only one. what happend how could marcum not have their units ready for ice fishing. long story short i went with the fl-18 and so did alot of other people. what happend. [Note from admin:Please read forum policy before posting again]
  2. Yes. Bring a water bottle, scrape of the snow, if at all possible try to find black ice. not ice that is full of air bubbles. dump some water on the ice and put your tranducer on the ice. you will be amazed at what you will see. If the ice is nice and black you can even see fish through the ice. keep the gain low so you don't pick up the air bubbles in the ice. You will see the weeds no problem.
  3. don't let em kid you. you have a great unit. it always turns into a this -vs- that. sounds to me your vex worked great. Don't make me hunt you down for the gps coordinates I like my jig to show up as a thin green line when stationary, and a green-yellow line when being jigged this will help with other signals. I usually have my gain set at 2-4. also if other units are in the area click the interference button a couple of times. looks to me though you found alot of fish.
  4. Question. I set my tipup with 50lbs braided dracron I have a 3 foot floro leader 8lbs should I top that off with a small steel leader or not??? Mostley will be fishing for walleyes, perch, and maybe some pannies
  5. I guess I am confused. My question is why people use heavy braided line for tip up's, and then put on a light line leader. I guess it don't make sense to me. What are the benifits to this? Why not just us pline for the whole setup?
  6. steep isn't the word for it. It's like $500.00-$600.00. Thats why I am debating on baiting or not. I think I am going to use 1 1/2 gallons of corn. The law is 2 but better to be on the safe side. I hear a lot of whinning in minnesota about baiting. And there fine is only $150.00. If they want to controll baiting increase the fine. to $1000.00 and take all the hunting equipment from the person. Bet that would bring baiting to a hault in MN.
  7. I have the original block, and it does not stand up to broadheads very well. I practiced for two hours today on it with broadheads. And It is shredded to bits.
  8. I am heading out on dec. 11th to bow hunt for a couple of weeks in wisconsin(first time in 14 years)And I have been practicing alot. My question is. Do doe's respond to any calling such as The Lil Doe bleat cans, or a bag of wood sticks. Also is there certian scents that work for both bucks and doe's? I am very excited and want to optimize my chances for either a doe or a buck! I am still debating on wether or not to use bait. I know this is a touchy subject. If I choose to use bait, What are some favorites for deer?
  9. I pluck it and cook it just like a whole chicken. The legs are good tasting!!!!
  10. When do you return to grouse hunting. Do you wait for muzzleloading to end. Or do you go back after rifle season is over. I would like to go this weekend. Just not sure if it's safe to be out their while muzzleloading is going on?
  11. It's all about the rack. Do you want a wall hanger? or the meat. I think you wanted to shoot it! I would'nt feel bad about shooting a button buck, if it's the meat your after. The law allows you to shoot any kind of deer, on your first tag.(in most areas!) I also would'nt feel bad on passing on it. It's your decicion not any one else
  12. great advise guys, i will consider all of the advise. quick question. will my shooting block work with broadheads for practice. i have a multi paper layer shooting block, works great for practice arrows!!
  13. It's been 12 years since I shot a bow and arrow. I shot well today from 10 to 30 yards. I am heading out to bow hunt in wisconsin the day after muzzle loading ends. My question is? Do broadhead tipped arrows travel diffrently than practice arrows. Do they fall faster? It has been a long time and I can't remember.
  14. Still one more rifle weekend in wisconsin. Grab a hotel and get your butt in the woods
  15. wisconsin allowed baiting long b-4 cwd, and its only a matter of time b-4 minnesota has it(cwd). And I am not wishing this, It just a matter of time. If I am not wrong cwd entered wisconsin from either elk or deer from colorado or wyoming??
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